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2014 Math Summer Refresher

For many students, math courses are often gatekeepers. Two-thirds of the freshmen in the University of Alaska system enter college under-prepared. In other words, most freshmen need to take at least one developmental course before they can begin college level coursework. Part of the problem stems from the gap that exists between high school graduation requirements and Postsecondary education entry requirements.

UAS is offering the chance to help close that gap for students by participating in the second annual UAS Summer Refresher Camp.

The Math Summer Refresher is a two week summer program for Juneau campus admitted students who have placed into MATH 055. The goals of Math Summer Refresher are to:

Increase the mathematics placement scores of participants so that students can either move up to MATH 105 or successfully complete MATH 055,

Provide participants with the social network and University contacts to support their success in their freshmen year at UAS.

Monday through Friday, August 11 - 22.
9:00am to 12:00pm

None. Simply fill out the Math Summer Refresher application to reserve your spot, space is limited.

If you have any questions regarding Math Summer Refresher, contact The Learning Center at 907-796-6348 or by email at


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