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The mission of the UAS Graduate Studies Program is to prepare graduates who have developed a genuine mastery of a discipline, and who give promise of becoming lifelong learners.

Admission to graduate school is an opportunity; it is also a significant responsibility. Graduate school requires careful planning and a commitment to the study of a chosen discipline or profession.

Graduate study at UAS has as its principal purpose, the attainment of a high level of competence in a chosen field of learning. Upon completion of graduate studies, the graduate should be able to claim scholarly and professional standing in his or her field. The goal of scholarship should be the student’s strongest motivation as a graduate student.

The graduate program at UAS encompasses a well-defined and recognized area of advanced study. It consists of a sequence of courses, seminars, independent studies, and research investigations differing significantly from the undergraduate experience. The intellectual interaction among graduate students and their faculty remains the most significant factor in post-baccalaureate study. Most course work will be in small classes designed for graduate students only. The professors provide exceptional attention to the intellectual needs of each student. Working with peers in small groups provides intellectual challenges, support, and camaraderie that will have a permanent and positive impact on the student’s life. UAS’ graduate programs are designed to encourage students to develop and enhance these intellectual opportunities.

Master's DegreesDelivery Method
Educational Leadership M.Ed. E-Learning, Juneau,
Educational Tech. M.Ed. E-Learning,
Elementary Education M.A.T. E-Learning,
Mathematics Education M.Ed. E-Learning,
Public Administration (M.P.A.)Juneau, E-Learning,
Reading Specialist M.Ed.E-Learning,
Science Education M.Ed.E-Learning,
Secondary and Middle Grades M.A.T. Juneau,
Special Education M.A.T. E-Learning,
Special Education M.Ed. E-Learning,
Master's DegreesDelivery Method

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