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Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.)

The Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) programs are designed for students who have completed a baccalaureate degree with content coursework appropriate to their teaching area and grade level and who are seeking a teaching certificate. There are currently three M.A.T. programs at UAS: The MAT in Secondary Education, Elementary Education, and Special Education. All candidates will be required to complete a student teaching experience. University supervisors work closely with “host” schools and will travel to meet personally with each candidate and the mentor or host teacher. The content coursework required for each program varies and should be discussed with the program coordinator. In order to defray some of the costs of the supervisor’s travel, an additional fee will be assessed.

The secondary and middle grades program (grades 6–12) is an intensive 11-month program with internships available throughout the state of Alaska. It is usually offered as a cohort model beginning in the summer with courses taken on the Juneau campus. Students may also enter the program in August or January with approval from the program coordinator. In the fall and spring students take e-Learning classes in addition to the internship in the community where they’ve been placed.

The elementary and special education programs are delivered by e-Learning at the student’s individual pace. Application and program information online.

Praxis Core and Praxis Subject Assessments Exams

In order to be fully admitted to an M.A.T. program, applicants must pass all three sections of the Praxis Core exam at state-approved levels. Passing CBEST or WESTB scores in reading, writing, and mathematics may be submitted in lieu of passing Praxis Core scores. Praxis Core must be successfully completed prior to practicum or student teaching.

Praxis exams must be successfully completed as a condition of program completion and are required for issue of Institutional Recommendations.

Prior to completing the M.A.T. program, prospective teachers must pass Praxis Subject Assessments as required by the State for your certification area.

For Secondary students, the Praxis Subject Assessments exam(s) will be in the content area where endorsement is desired. See your advisor for information about which content area Praxis Subject Assessments are recognized by the State of Alaska.

Rural Alaska Experience

Students completing the internship or student teaching during spring semester are eligible to visit a rural community in Alaska and observe and teach in the community school. The School of Education will arrange one full week of classroom participation visit and cover the airfare costs associated with the travel.

Secondary and Middle Grades Education, M.A.T.

The Master of Arts in Teaching, Middle Grades and Secondary program (grades 6-12) is an 11-month program for students who have completed a baccalaureate degree and who are seeking a teaching certificate in secondary and middle grades education. Applicants to this program should preferably have an undergraduate degree in a subject normally taught in Alaska secondary schools (e.g. English, social studies, mathematics, sciences, art, music) or be willing to take courses in that subject area to strengthen their content background. Contact Scott Christian for more information. Placements for this program are made throughout Alaska. A total of 30 graduate credits are required. First round application deadline is March 1st. Late applications will be considered.

The six-week summer program is offered on the Juneau campus and prepares the intern to begin the teaching internship when the public schools begin. Fall and Spring courses are offered via e-Learning only.

Application Requirements

  1. A completed graduate application and $60 nonrefundable application fee
  2. An official transcript indicating baccalaureate degree and a GPA of 3.00
  3. Transcripts from all universities or colleges attended — these will be used for assessment of applicant’s content preparation.
  4. Two recommendations forms addressing Academic Content and Dispositions on specific forms provided by the UAS School of Education
  5. Student Information Sheet
  6. Information Release Waiver Statement
  7. Current resume
  8. An admissions writing assessment consisting of a Statement of Professional Objectives submitted in format provided
  9. Passing Praxis Core exam results — scores must be sent to UAS and the Department of Education & Early Development
  10. Student Teaching Authorization application and fingerprint card
  11. Students wishing to intern with the Anchorage School District: please notify us of your intent as soon as possible so that we may begin to facilitate student teaching placement opportunities prior to the application deadline.

Additional information and links to forms can be found on the School of Education website.

Degree Requirements (2015-2016 Catalog)

Minimum Credit Hours36
Foundational Courses6
Major Requirements30

Foundational Courses

ALSTS300Alaska Studies*3
EDS380Multicultural Education*3
* Classes needed for state certification

Major Requirements

Summer (6 weeks)

EDS631Educational Psychology3
EDS669Literacy in Middle/Secondary Schools3
EDSES682Inclusive Education for Students with Disabilities3

Fall Semester

EDS620Curriculum Development3
EDS691Teaching Internship I3
EDS692Educational Seminar I3
EDETS632Classroom Internet Integration3

Spring Semester

EDS627Educational Research3
EDS691Teaching Internship II3
EDS692Educational Seminar II3

Exit Criteria

  1. A Master’s Portfolio that provides evidence that the student meets all program goals/outcomes
  2. Official Praxis Core exam scores meeting Alaska cut scores
  3. Official Praxis Subject Assessments as required by the State for your subject area meeting Alaska cut scores are due upon completion of student teaching and are required for issuance of the Institutional Recommendation and graduate certificate.
  4. 3.00 GPA

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