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Master of Education

The M.Ed. is offered with emphasis in Educational Leadership, Learning Design and Technology, Mathematics Education, Reading, Science Education, and Special Education. The Master of Education programs extend and develop classroom skills and abilities of practicing teachers in elementary and secondary education. Applicants to the Master of Education program must have a Bachelor of Education degree or its equivalent from an accredited institution, and/or a current teaching certificate.

For programs which include an internship or practicum, a supervision fee will be assessed to help defray the cost of the supervisor’s travel.

Program Assessment plans and student learning outcomes are posted on the Program Assessment website.

Mathematics, M.Ed.

The M.Ed. in Mathematics Education is designed to provide content and pedagogy appropriate for the teaching of mathematics with options for increasing the teacher’s understanding of content area literacy, the inclusion of students with special needs, and utilizing technology to teach mathematics. The mathematics content is designed to strengthen understanding of the mathematics taught in the K-8 curriculum. Candidates must prepare an exit portfolio, demonstrating competency in the nine outcomes of the School of Education (i.e., philosophy, development, diversity, content, student learning, learning environment, professionalism, technology). The M.Ed. Mathematics Education program is not an initial teacher certification program. For an initial teaching certificate see Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education programs, or Master of Arts in Teaching programs. Students wanting a K-5 or K-8 Mathematics Education teaching endorsement will be eligible upon completion of the requirements for the specific Certificate Program.

Application Requirements

  1. Application for admission and $60 non-refundable application fee
  2. An official transcript indicating baccalaureate degree and a GPA of 3.00
  3. Two general recommendations written on UAS provided form by former or current professors, employers, or supervisors who are familiar with your work and performance and submitted on form located on School of Education website
  4. Statement of Professional Objectives
  5. Copy of a current teaching or administrative certificate

More information and links to forms can be found on the School of Education website.


Degree Requirements (2015-2016 Catalog)

Minimum Credit Hours36
Major Requirements36

Major Requirements

EDETS628Technology in Instructional Design3
EDETS636The Impact of Technology on Student Learning3
EDETS668Educational Technology Leadership3
EDMAS608Mathematical Problem Solving: An Overview for K-8 Teachers3
EDMAS614Numeration and Operations: Math Content and Pedagogy for K-8 Teachers3
EDMAS654Algebra and Functions: Content and Pedagogy for K-8 Teachers3
EDMAS655Geometry and Measurement: Content and Pedagogy for K-8 Teachers3
EDMAS656Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability: Content and Pedagogy for K-8 Teachers3
EDMAS657Concepts of Calculus and Trigonometry: Content and Pedagogy for K-8 Teachers3
EDMAS658Technology for Teaching and Learning Mathematics3
EDMAS698Masters Portfolio3
____S___Advisor-approved Elective*3
* Graduate level advisor-approved elective with an emphasis on pedagogy

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