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Occupational Endorsement

The Information Systems departments offers options in Administrative Office SupportNetworks Support and Administration, and Web Development. These endorsements are intended to indicate competence in technical and professional courses and are articulated with the Certificates in Computer Information and Office Systems, and the AAS in Computer Information and Office Systems.

A comprehensive Computer Placement Test is available at the Testing Center to assess your current computer knowledge. A minimum grade of C (2.0) is required in all CIOS courses. Some courses will be offered only by distance delivery. Due to the rapid change in technology the endorsements must be completed in a maximum of three years.

Administrative Office Support

Provides students with skills to serve as administrative office assistants.

Requirements (2013-2014 Catalog)

Minimum Credit Hours15
CIOSS101Computer Keyboarding and Formatting3
CIOSS105Computer Literacy3
CIOSS132Word Processing Concepts and Applications3
CIOSS135Using Spreadsheets in the Workplace1
CIOSS140Using Databases in the Workplace1
CIOSS151Presentation Graphics Concepts and Applications1
CIOSS160Business English3

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