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Associate of Arts (A.A.) General Education

The A.A. provides students with a broad academic education. It is designed to be a transfer degree to baccalaureate degree programs. Residency requirement is 15 UAS semester credits.

The Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree administered by the School of Arts and Sciences, provides a solid foundation in mathematics, written and oral communication, the natural and social sciences, the humanities and fine arts. The A.A. degree prepares students for career advancements, for transfer to baccalaureate programs and for a better understanding of their world.

Degree Requirements (2013-2014 Catalog)

  • Admissions to the A.A. degree program
  • Completion of 60 credits at 100-level or above, including
  1. At least 20 credits at the 200-level or higher
  2. At least 15 credits completed in residence at UAS
  3. All General Education Requirements (33-34 credits), including MATH S106 or higher
  4. 26-27 elective credits, with at least 18 credits from the School of Arts & Sciences (no more
    than 6 credits from ODS/PE)
  • Cumulative GPA of at least 2.00 at UAS
Minimum Credit Hours60
General Education Requirements34
Written Communication Skills
ENGLS111Methods of Written Communication3
ENGLS211Intermediate Composition: Writing About Literature3
ENGLS212Technical Report Writing3
Select one from the following (3 credits):
COMMS111Fundamentals of Oral Communication3
COMMS235Small Group Communication and Team Building3
COMMS237Interpersonal Communication3
COMMS241Public Speaking*3
Fine Arts3
Social Science (select two separate disciplines)6
Humanities or Social Science3
Mathematics and Natural Science11-12
  • MATH S106**
  • Lab Science GER
  • Math or Non-Lab Science
*Grade C or better
** Or higher

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