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The B.A. in Art program is currently undergoing review. Admissions to program have been suspended pending outcome of the review process. Please visit the Bachelor of Liberal Arts program page to learn about ways to earn a UAS bachelor's degree with a primary emphasis in Art. You may also contact an Arts & Sciences advisor to learn what other UAS degree programs may be right for you.

Bachelor of Arts in Art

Candidates must complete general education requirements as well as the specific program requirements listed below. Courses may not be used to fulfill more than one requirement in the B.A. program. Students must earn a C or higher in all ART classes, and complete 42 credits of upper-division (300 or above) courses 24 of which must be UAS credits. A maximum of 12 credits of independent study may be applied toward the B.A. in Art.

Program Assessment plans and student learning outcomes are posted on the Program Assessment website.

Degree Requirements (2014-2015 Catalog)

Minimum Credit Hours120
General Education Requirements (View)35
Written Communications Skills
ENGLS111Methods of Written Communication3
ENGLS211Intermediate Composition3
ARTS261History of World Art I3
ARTS262History of World Art II3
*Must include 6 credits in two separate disciplines within the social sciences
Major Requirements45
ARTS162Color and Design3
ARTS205Intermediate Drawing*3
ARTS211Beginning Sculpture3
ARTS213Beginning Painting3
ARTS363History of Modern Art3
ARTS495Career Development for the Artist3
ENGLS311Advanced Composition **3
Select two from the following (6 credits):
ARTS201Beginning Ceramics3
ARTS209Beginning Printmaking3
ARTS222Digital Photography3
* ART S105 must be taken as a prerequisite to ART S205
** Grade C or higher
Select two different emphasis areas from the following (9 credits each):
ARTS301Intermediate Ceramics3
ARTS401Advanced Ceramics*3
ARTS305Advanced Drawing3
ARTS405Senior Drawing*3
ARTS313Intermediate Painting3
ARTS413Advanced Painting*3
ARTS309Intermediate Printmaking3
ARTS409Advanced Sculpture*3
ARTS311Intermediate Sculpture3
ARTS411Advanced Sculpture*3
*400-level ART courses may be repeated for credit
B.A. in Art without a Minor
Breadth Requirements without a Minor30
Minimum 15 credits must be upper division.

Must include ART S105 (ART S105 is a prerequisite for ART S205) and a world or Alaska language (Select 8 credits in a one-year sequence of a single world or Alaska Native language.)

Social Science:15
B.A. in Art with a Minor
Breadth Requirements with a Minor18
Minimum 15 credits must be upper division.

Must include ART S105 (ART S105 is a prerequisite for ART S205) and a world or Alaska language (Select 8 credits in a one-year sequence of a single world or Alaska Native language.)

Social Science:9
Minor Requirements15-18
*as needed to equal 120 credits.

Internship Opportunities

The UAS Career Services Office provides a current listing of internship opportunities available to UAS students. These internships are funded by Alaskan, federal, national and international organizations and businesses. Changes occur frequently. If you have an interest in internships please contact Career Services for assistance. If admitted to a degree program you can also speak with a faculty member if you are interested in an internship for academic credit.


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