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Computer Information & Office Systems

The minor in computer information and office systems is designed to provide students with proficiency in using computers, complementing their academic areas of study and increasing their employability. Students complete 15 credits from the listed CIOS courses.

Degree Requirements (2014-2015 Catalog)

Select from the following (15 credits): 
Minimum Credit Hours15
CIOSS105Computer Literacy3
CIOSS108Design Fundamentals for Computer Applications3
CIOSS132Word Processing Concepts and Applications3
CIOSS135Using Spreadsheets in the Workplace1
CIOSS140Using Databases in the Workplace1
CIOSS151Presentation Graphics Concepts and Applications1
CIOSS157Website Graphics, Design, and HTML4
CIOSS170Programming Fundamentals3
CIOSS171Web Scripting3
CIOSS235Spreadsheet Concepts and Applications3
CIOSS240Database Concepts and Applications3
CIOSS241Introduction to Networking and the OSI Reference Model4
CIOSS245Computer Network Concepts and Administration3
CIOSS257Advanced Website Design and Development3
CIOSS272Intermediate Programming3
CIOSS279Database Theory and SQL3

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