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Environmental Science

This minor is designed to introduce students to disciplines in the physical sciences and provides the opportunity for advanced study in three focus areas.

Degree Requirements (2014-2015 Catalog)

Minimum Credit Hours18
ENVSS102Earth and Environment4
Select one from the following (4 credits):
CHEMS105General Chemistry4
GEOLS104Physical Geology4
PHYSS103College Physics4
PHYSS211General Physics4
Select 10 credits from the following*
ENVSS110Introduction to Geographic Information Systems1
ENVSS111Introduction to Differential Global Positioning Systems1
ENVSS301Introduction to Soil Science4
ENVSS338Introduction to GIS3
ENVSS406Remote Sensing3
ENVSS407Snow Hydrology3
ENVSS410Advanced GIS3
ENVSS422Earth’s Climate System 
ENVSS341Organic Chemistry4
ENVSS350Environmental Chemistry4
GEOLS271Earth Materials4
GEOLS300Geology of Alaska3
GEOLS310Glaciation & Climate Change3
GEOLS315Glacier Surveying3
*Additional prerequisites are required for upper division courses.

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