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Northwest Coast Art

Options include weaving, basketry, and carving. Please note that only courses taken at the 400 level are repeatable for academic credit. Check course descriptions in the back of the catalog for more information.

Degree Requirements (2015-2016 Catalog)

Minimum Credit Hours22

All of the following (5 credits total):

ANTHS225Artistic Expressions and Oral Narratives of Alaska Natives3
ARTS263Northwest Coast Native History and Culture1-3
ARTS493/S497Portfolio Review of the best work from elective classes and an independently created piece1-3

Select one from the following (2 credits total):

ARTS181Beginning Northwest Coast Design1-3
ARTS281Intermediate Northwest Coast Design1-3
ARTS381Advanced Northwest Coast Design1-3


Select 15 credits from one of the following areas:


ARTS116Fiber Arts-Spinning1-3
ARTS138Natural Dye1-3
ARTS286Beginning NW Coast Woolen Weaving1-3
ARTS386Intermediate NW Coast Woolen Weaving1-3
ARTS486Advanced NW Coast Woolen Weaving1-3


ARTS183Northwest Coast Harvesting and Preparation of Basketry Materials0.5
ARTS284Northwest Coast Basket Design1
ARTS282Beginning Northwest Coast Basketry1-3
ARTS382Intermediate Northwest Coast Basketry1-3
ARTS482Advanced Northwest Coast Basketry1-3


ARTS189Northwest Coast Tool Making2
ARTS285Beginning Northwest Coast Carving1-3
ARTS385Intermediate Northwest Coast Carving1-3
ARTS485Advanced Northwest Coast Carving1-3
Other approved elective topics in Carving and Northwest Coast Arts.

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