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New Book "North Pacific Temperate Rainforests - Ecology and Conservation"

North Pacific Temperate Rainforest

Ecology and Conservation in Coastal Temperate Rainforests

The North Pacific temperate rainforest, stretches from southern Alaska's Cook Inlet to northern California, and is the largest temperate rainforest on earth. This book focuses on the area of coastal temperate rainforest that spans between northern British Columbia and southeastern Alaska. North Pacific Temperate Rainforests was written by Gordon Orians and John Schoen with several Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center (ACRC) partners collaborating on the content of this book, including Andy McKinnon (BC), Sari Saunders (BC), Dave D'Amore (AK), Rick Edwards (AK).

An overview of North Pacific Temperate Rainforests was provided by the University of Washington Press. "This region encompasses thousands of islands and millions of acres of relatively pristine rainforest, providing an opportunity to compare the ecological functioning of a largely intact forest ecosystem with the highly modified ecosystems that typify most of the world's temperate zone. The book examines the basic processes that drive the dynamic behavior of such ecosystems and considers how managers can use that knowledge to sustainably manage the rainforest and balance ecosystem integrity with human use. Together, the contributors offer a broad understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by scientists, managers, and conservationists in the northern portion of the North Pacific rainforest that will be of interest to conservation practitioners seeking to balance economic sustainability and biodiversity conservation across the globe." 

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