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Upcoming Events

Special Public Lecture

Monday, October 26, 6 pm

Mendenhall Valley Library

Juneau’s Green Invasion: Non-Native Plants That Threaten Local Ecosystems

John Hudson, US Fish & Wildlife Service

Annual Invasive Species Workshop

October 27-29

Elizabeth Peratrovich Hall, Juneau

Organized by UAF's Cooperative Extension Service and the Alaska Committee for Noxious and Invasive Plant Management and the Alaska Invasive Species Working Group. See website for more information.

Sharing our Knowledge: a conference of Tlingit tribes and clans

October 28-November 1

Centennial Hall, Juneau

Anyone interested in the indigenous peoples of Southeast Alaska is welcome to attend this unique biennial event, a multi-disciplinary conference that includes Alaska Native tradition bearers, elders, and fluent speakers of indigenous languages meeting with artists, academics, students and other learners. Subjects presented include linguistics, archaeology, art and music, Alaska Native history, museum studies, cultural anthropology, indigenous law and protocols, fisheries, traditional ecological knowledge, and many others. For more information, please visit the conference website.

UAF Fisheries Seminar

Friday, October 30, 3:30 pm

SFOS, Lena Point Rm 101

The Role of Ice as Habitat for Harbor Seals in Tidewater Glacier Fjords

Jamie Womble, National Park Service

Abstract: Tidewater glaciers are a prominent landscape feature along the southeastern and south-central coasts of Alaska and play an important role in landscape and ecosystem processes.  Tidewater glaciers calve icebergs into the marine environment, which then serve as pupping and molting habitat for some of the largest aggregations of harbor seals in the world.  Although tidewater glaciers are naturally dynamic, advancing and retreating in response to local climatic and fjord conditions, most of the ice sheets that feed tidewater glaciers in Alaska are thinning and, as a result, many of the tidewater glaciers are retreating.  Climate change models predict continual and rapid loss of glacial ice with unknown impacts to organisms that rely on tidewater glacial habitat.  From 2007-2014, we used aerial photography, object-based image analysis, and spatial models to quantify changes in the availability of glacial ice as habitat for harbor seals in Johns Hopkins Inlet (JHI), a glacial fjord in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska. Systematic aerial photographic surveys were conducted of seals and ice during the pupping (June) and molting (August) seasons.  Surveys were flown along a grid of 12 transects and high-resolution digital photos were taken directly under the plane using a vertically aimed camera.  Seals were mapped and spatial statistical models were used to create an intensity surface from mapped seal densities.  Object-based image analysis was used to quantify iceberg size, % ice cover, and % open water in the fjord. The spatial distribution of seals was more extensive in June and corresponded to increased ice coverage in the fjord.  Harbor seals exhibit a high degree of fidelity to several tidewater glacial fjords in in Alaska, thus understanding the relationships between glacier dynamics and harbor seal distribution and abundance will be critical for understanding how future changes in tidewater glaciers may influence harbor seals.

ACRC Fall Semester Brown Bag Lecture Series - schedule is a work in progress!

The Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center is hosting a Brown Bag Lunchtime Lecture series during the fall semester. Talks will (usually) be on Wednesdays from noon—1pm at the Forestry Sciences Lab adjacent to the UAS Juneau campus. The lunchtime speaker series is meant to be an informal avenue for graduate students, faculty, and professionals to present new and existing research and scholarship, brainstorm ideas, and have the opportunity to receive feedback in an informal setting.  We invite all interested persons to join us to learn about the exciting research projects and collaborations that are happening in Southeast Alaska.





Eoin Madden

Wilderness Committee, Vancouver BC

Carbon pricing in North America








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