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Upcoming Events

Wednesday September 24, 12:00 pm

ACRC Brown Bag Seminar

Southeast Alaska Estuaries: why they are important and how we keep them healthy and productive. In celebration of National Estuaries Week.

Panel Discussion

Juneau Forestry Sciences Lab Conference Room

Abstract: We will have a few brief presentations followed by a group discussion and brain storming session. Debbie Hart will share an overview of the Southeast Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership and recent strategy work they are doing for nearshore areas.  We will also have folks from Southeast Alaska Land Trust share an update on their recent acquisition of tidal lands in Auke Nu Cove, and others from the Nature Conservancy and NOAA there to share activities they are working on.

Wednesday, September 24, 1:00 - 3:00 pm

Indigenous Place Names Workshop

Tom Thornton, University of Oxford

UAS Campus, 221 Egan Wing (Glacier View Room)

Friday, September 26, 3:30 pm

UAF School of Fisheries Seminar

Pacific Herring: a social-ecological view

Tom Thornton, University of Oxford

SFOS, Lena Point, Room 101

Friday September 26, 7 pm

Evening at Egan

Raven, Rocks, and the Anthropocene: the bird's-eye view of future Earth

Tom Thornton, University of Oxford

Egan Library, UAS

Abstract: In Southeast Alaska and other Pacific landscapes we find narratives of understanding and adapting to change in the stories of Raven’s transformations and other socially and ecologically cataclysmic events, such as the Flood. How might such stories prepare us for the environmental changes of the Anthropocene?


ACRC Fall Semester Brown Bag Lecture Series

The Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center is hosting a Brown Bag Lunchtime Lecture series during the fall semester. Talks will be on Wednesdays from noon—1pm at the new Forestry Sciences Lab adjacent to the UAS campus. The lunchtime speaker series is meant to be an informal avenue for graduate students, faculty, and professionals to present new and existing research and scholarship, brainstorm ideas, and have the opportunity to receive feedback in an informal setting.  We invite all interested persons to join us to learn about the exciting research projects and collaborations that are happening in Southeast Alaska.







Hank Lentfer and Richard Nelson

Chasing Sounds: adventures with a recorder



Victoria Wyllie de Echevarria,

University of Oxford

Linking interactions between cultural and biological diversity on the Pacific coast of North America in the face of climate change




National Estuaries Week



Roman Motyka, UAS

Taku Glacier: neoglacial history and future research



John Neary, USFS Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center

Adapting to climate change at the MGVC—rethinking our footprint








American Fisheries Society Meeting, Juneau






Jonas Lamb and Caroline Hassler, UAS Library

Southeast Alaska Natural Resource Collection and tour


Jason Amundson, UAS

Subglacial discharge from maritime glaciers


Heidi Pearson, UAS

Marine mammal research in Berners Bay





Sonia Ibarra, UAF School of Fisheries

Can humans and apex predators coexist? Evaluating the sustainability and resilience of rural coastal communities in Southeast Alaska


Amanda Sesko, UAS



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