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Master Plan Implementation Committee's Charge

The responsibility of the Master Plan Implementation Committee (MPIC) is to make recommendations to the Chancellor about how to implement and update the UAS Juneau Campus Master Plan. To fulfill this responsibility, the committee consults regularly with governance organizations, Facilities, Services, user groups, and other stakeholders. and communicates regularly about committee work with the broader UAS community.

This group is primarily focused on the Juneau campus; however, it is expected that similar groups will meet on the Ketchikan and Sitka campuses. The collective efforts of all groups contribute to the annual updating of the Regional Master Plan.

The focus of this group is strategic.  Individual projects are guided by project-specific stakeholder groups.

The committee meets monthly and is specifically charged with the following:

  • Promote meaningful participation by appropriate University governance groups in the implementation of the UAS Master Plan.
  • Provide overall advice to UAS leadership about implementation of the UAS Master Plan.
  • Annually review the UAS Master Plan and propose revisions as appropriate.
  • Serve as a vehicle for ongoing communication about current and planned Master Plan related projects with committee members taking an active role in communicating with their stakeholder groups.
  • Promote transparency and accountability in Master Plan implementation processes, and assist with communication about the plan implementation to the broader University community.
This committee is co-chaired by the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services and a member of the Faculty Senate. Committee members are appointed by the Chancellor. The Committee is advisory to the Chancellor and Executive Cabinet.

Master Plan Implementation Committee Members

  • Kevin Krein, Faculty Senate (co-chair) 
  • Michael Ciri, Vice Chancellor of Administration (co-chair)
  • Maren Haavig, Faculty Senate representative
  • Keith Gerken, Director of Facilities
  • Dayna Mackey, Staff Council representative
  • Peter Sommers, Staff Council representative
  • Callie Conerton, Student Government representative
  • Richard Caulfield, Provost or delegate
  • Karen Schmitt, Academic Dean
  • Joseph Nelson, Vice Chancellor of Student Services or delegate
  • Eric Scott, Director of Campus Life
  • Elise Tomlinson, Egan Library Director
  • Jonathan Lange, at large member, CBJ Community Development Department

UAS 2012 Master Plan

UAS Facilities Planning & Construction

Auke Bay Area Plan Website

This site provides up-to-date information regarding current UAS projects.  Current examples include the new freshman housing, Auke Lake Way reconstruction and the 2013/2014 campus modification and space planning effort.


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