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UAS Open Budget Forum

UAS student government invites you to an open budget forum in which you can learn important and valuable information on the current budget situation facing the state of Alaska and how this will impact the University system. UAS Chancellor John Pugh, Provost Richard Caulfield, UAS Vice Chancellor for Administration Michael Ciri as well as others will be at hand to give an open forum discussion open to all students as well as staff and faculty. The forum will be followed by an open floor Q & A.


Thursday March 26th


12:00 Noon to 1:30 PM         


Juneau: Glacier View Room
Ketchikan: P516
Sitka: RM 106

Audio conference:

1-800-893-8850 pin 9579922


Powerpoint Presentation

FY16 Operating Budget

Additionally, the audio-link, recording and web-stream are enabled.

Webstream link:

For more information contact your UAS student government at


UAS leadership continues to seek ideas from the UAS community on how UAS might increase revenues or reduce costs through efficiency, consolidation or reduction.

Strategic Planning and Budgeting Advisory Committee's Charge

  • Provide overall advice to UAS leadership about implementation of the UAS Strategic and Assessment Plan (SAP), including our mission, vision, and core themes
  • Provide oversight for NWCCU accreditation compliance and report preparation
  • Provide recommendations about continuous improvement and refinement of UAS’s planning and budgeting processes in light of the SAP
  • Advise UAS leadership about budget principles, priorities, and allocation criteria that guide annual resource allocation decisions as well as allocation and utilization of facilities and technology-related resources
  • Review and present input to UAS leadership about annual operating and capital budget requests
  • Promote transparency and accountability in our planning and budget processes, and assist with communication about those processes and outcomes to the broader university community
  • Promote meaningful participation by appropriate university governance groups in the UAS strategic planning and budgeting process.


The Strategic Planning and Budgeting Advisory Committee (SPBAC) grew out of the Strategic and Assessment Plan Executive Committee which was established after the 2009 self-study and the 2011 strategic planning process.  The Executive Committee provided overall advice to UAS leadership about implementation of the UAS Strategic and Assessment Plan, including mission, vision, and core themes. The group also had oversight for NWCCU accreditation compliance and report preparation.

In April 2013 this group was modified to become SPBAC.

AY2014–2015 Strategic Planning and Budget Advisory Committee Members

Committee members are appointed by the Chancellor. The Committee is advisory to the Chancellor and Executive Cabinet.

FY15 Meeting Schedule

Archive of Meeting Materials


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