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Fresh Start Policy

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Effective May 1, 2003, a former University of Alaska Southeast undergraduate who returns to the University after a minimum of three years will have the opportunity to petition to begin a new cumulative (or Fresh Start) GPA .

Petitions for a Fresh Start must be completed as part of the admissions process. The Fresh Start is declared provisionally at the point of admission, but not awarded permanently until the student has started and completed 12 credits of academic study with a cumulative GPA for those 12 credits of 2.5 or higher.

When the Fresh Start is permanently declared, all previous UAS grades and credits earned more than three years prior to the current admission date are excluded from consideration for degree requirements. It is not possible to select some grades and credits to exclude while retaining others. Only University of Alaska Southeast grades and credits will be excluded. When the Fresh Start is permanently declared, the transcript will state that the cumulative GPA shown is a Fresh Start GPA. The old grades will remain on the transcript, but are not used to calculate the cumulative GPA. Courses passed but excluded by the Fresh Start GPA may not be used to meet university graduation requirements.

A student may be allowed advanced standing or a waiver of requirements just as any non-Fresh Start student, but won't be allowed credit by examination for courses lost through use of the Fresh Start GPA program. Students who elect to use the Fresh Start GPA do not qualify for certificate or degree-based honors but would qualify for semester-based awards for grade point average.

A student may begin a Fresh Start GPA only once. Students wishing to petition for a Fresh Start GPA should contact the Admissions Office prior to applying for admission.


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