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Plan Your Budget to Attend UAS

When planning your college budget here are things you should include:

Tuition and Fees: These costs vary with the your educational level (undergraduate or graduate), enrollment status (full- or part-time) and residency (Alaska resident, Western Undergraduate Exchange, or non-resident).

Books and Supplies: Textbooks, calculators, notebooks and such, these costs vary with a student's course load (how many classes you are taking and what types of classes you are taking).

Board: Money for food, this can vary based on where you live (on campus or off campus).

Room: Money for housing, can vary based on where you live (at home with parents, in an apartment off campus, on campus, or in your own home).

Transportation:  The cost depends on how close you live to campus and if you have any car expenses. Students may also request aid for airfare if they plan to return to their hometown during the school year.

Personal Expenses: These are things such as new clothing, laundry, medical and dental expenses, recreation, personal supplies and other items.

Personal Computer and Child Care: Within limits, these expenses can be included in your budget if they are related to your education. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for further information.

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