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Enroll in Classes

UAS is an open enrollment institution, this means that practically anyone can take a class at UAS as long as they meet the course pre-requisites. So why wait? Register today!

Take Placement Tests

You may need to take placement tests if you have no previous college level mathematics or English courses, or to assess your computer skills if you are taking computer courses..

What is a Placement Test?

A placement test is simply an assessment in mathematics, English or computer information that helps ensure you get into the level of class that is right for you, not too hard and not too easy. They can also serve as a prerequisite to get into a specific class.

Where can you take a Placement test?

On campus -Placement tests are available on all three UAS campuses, in Juneau, Ketchikan and Sitka.  Placement tests are offered regularly, no appointment necessary. For more information, check out the Learning Center site for details.

Off campus -If you are not able to get to Juneau, Ketchikan or Sitka, you can still take the placement tests remotely by distance. Since the placement tests are offered online, you can take them anywhere you can find a proctor and an internet connection. If you are near any of the UA campuses (UAS, UAA or UAF) you can use their testing facilities and the staff can proctor your tests, otherwise a school teacher, city/town/village official, or clergy member can act as your proctor. To get started, simply fill out and complete the Remote Testing form.

Work with Advisor

An advisor is a member of the UAS Advising staff or faculty member. Academic Advisors meet with you to discuss degree requirements, answer any questions, help navigate UAS resources and plan out degree completion.

Academic Advising is important because the interactive relationship you have with your advisor will help with identifying, planning, and achieving academic and career goals. Academic advising is required of all newly admitted students, and an excellent habit to get into.

Find your advisor

Available options in drop down boxes have been reduced to available combinations based on previous selections. Press "Reset" to clear selections and start over.

Use this tool to determine your academic advisor based on your degree, program, and location. Advising appointments are typically available in person, via telephone and quick questions via email.

How To Register


  • New and returning students may register through UAOnline
  • If you are new to UAS and are not seeking a degree:
    • First apply online as a "non-degree seeking" student.
    • Within one to two business days, you should recieve an email with your student ID number. You can use this number to set your password and log in to UAOnline.


  • You can complete and sign a Registration form (76KB), then fax, scan into an email, mail or drop it off in person.
    • Fax: Juneau 907-796-6365 | Ketchikan 907-225-3624 | Sitka 907-747-7793
    • Mail: UAS Registrar's Office,
    • Address: 11066 Auke Lake Way, Juneau AK, 99801

Call us if you need any assistance!

  • Juneau 907-796-6100
  • Ketchikan 907-225-6177
  • Sitka 907-747-6653

Types of Registration

Priority Registration

In general, only UAS degree-seeking students will be able to register in UAS courses during priority registration. However, program students affiliated with UAF program in Geography are welcome to register for program courses offered through UAS during priority registration.

You should always meet with your Academic Advisor prior to registering for classes. To find out more about advising, visit the Academic Advising site.

Open Registration

All students are welcome to register during open registration.

Log-in to Class Website

You will have access to several secure online resources after registering at UAS:

  1. Easy Login Maintenance Option: retrieve your Username and setup your Password through ELMO
  2. Courses: Your online course site UAS Online! 
  3. Email: All official university correspondence will be sent to your UA student email account. Be sure to check it often or set forwarding to any commercial account you prefer. You may also choose your "preferred" email account through UAOnline under 'Personal Information'.

Username - typically your first and middle initials and full/partial last name and possibly including number. For example, if your name is Allie Susan Duncan, your username may be asduncan. Your username and password is used for:

  • login to computers at UAS
  • access to your UAS webmail
  • access to your class websites at UASOnline

Student ID Number - an eight digit number (for example, 3xxxxxxx) is automatically assigned to you on your  first attendance at UAS. This student ID# corresponds to your student records in the UAS database. Your student ID# is  used to access:

  • UAOnline- access to your UAS student records such as applications and registration, grades, financial aid, student account, class schedule, etc. (This can be in person, over the phone, or online through UAOnline.)

There are multiple systems that you will be using throughout your career at UAS, and keeping track of them can be a little tricky. Here is a list of systems you may be using and why/how you will access them:

System:Log in with:Used for:
UASOnlineusernameemail, computer log in, class homesites
UAOnlineStudent IDapplications, accounts, financial aid, registration, transcripts
WebmailusernameUAS email account
Blackboardusernameclass site - part of UASOnline
ELMOeitherreset password
Elluminateusernameclass site - part of UASOnline

Still have questions? Call the Helpdesk at 907-796-6400 or check out their site for useful information.

Not sure what your username or student ID is or how to find them? No worries, ELMO can help!

ELMO is our Easy Login Maintenance Option and it allows you to look up your student ID number, username and reset your passwords.

It is important to login to your classes in order to interact with your classmates, instructor, access important documents, view your grade and submit assignments.

It is important to also login to your UAS webmail account because almost all of the emails from UAS will be sent to your UAS email. This includes financial aid, registration, important notices, course information, as well as faculty interaction.

How to order

Once registered, refer to the subjects, course numbers and sections on your schedule for the books you’ll need.  The section number determines which location to select on the textbook website to order your books.

Textbooks for all Juneau, Ketchikan and Sitka classes are listed on a website linked to MBS Direct for on-line purchasing. Students may purchase books from MBS Direct, or their preferred provider.

Textbook Returns

Contact your textbook sellers for returns and/or book buy back offers.

Advisor assignment for this program is based on last name
First initial of last nameAdvisor to contact
A–KKate Govaars
L-ZLouis Scott
Richardson, Ph.D.

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