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Your UAS story is rich and full of memories, triumphs, lessons-learned, celebrations, and connections. Share your past or present ever-evolving story. You are part of our UAS family and your stories, feedback, photos, and ideas are valuable and we encourage you to send material our way. UAS is our common thread, let’s keep those ties strong.

Food Bank Manager making people's lives a little richer

Having a college education will always open doors of opportunity.

Darren Adams, B.A., Elementary Education '94

People don’t like to talk about sensitive topics, like hunger, but that’s exactly what Darren Adams, UAS alum, B.A. Elementary Ed ‘94, does on a daily basis. As the manager and only paid employee of the Southeast Alaska Food Bank, Darren plays a hand in all aspects of the organization. He recruits and manages volunteers, delivers and collects food, coordinates with partner agencies, leads outreach efforts, and handles many other logistics to feed those most in need. He’s carried the many lessons from his teacher education with him in his selfless line of work — “I enjoy the unpredictability of the work but also the feeling that I’ve done something at the end of the day to make someone’s life a little richer.”

Darren values his education from UAS and it ultimately prepared him to educate in non-traditional settings about hunger, its impact on our communities, and the important role the Food Bank has in alleviating food insecurity. He is especially proud of graduating debt-free in part to scholarships, working while in school, and UAS’ affordability. The small size and community feel was a benefit during his time on campus — “faculty and staff are your neighbors and friends.” At UAS, he knew the Chancellor by name and believes the intimate environment is what helps make UAS a special experience. “You are able to build relationships that you might not otherwise have at a larger university,” he said. He highly encourages prospective students and their families to consider UAS and reiterates, “Having a college education will always open doors of opportunity.” He also wants students to know the Food Bank is an option as he knows first-hand the juggle of tuition and other life expenses.

This past year, 400,000 pounds of food were distributed to those in need in Southeast Alaska. According to Feeding America, 1 in 7 Americans are hungry and Darren stresses that “hunger does not discriminate. Our region critically needs a resource like the food bank.” The Food Bank is supported by donors and individual and agency volunteers and could not fulfil their mission without the donations and dedication of others. Consider donating food or volunteering — your contributions make a difference!

Darren Adams, ‘94
B.A., Elementary Education
Manager, Southeast Alaska Food Bank
Juneau, Alaska

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