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Learn from the Best - Local Professionals Offer Career Advice 

Our Career Panel & Networking event hosted at KTOO's 360 space was a great success and UAS Alumni & Friends are proud to provide you the opportunity to view the event and learn from our panelists. 

  • Introduction - Maren Haavig, a UAS assistant professor for the School of Management, UAS Faculty Senate President, and board member of the Alumni & Friends Association introduces moderator, Deb Rydman, UAS Career Services Advisor; Katy Jordan, UAS School of Management’s Outreach Coordinator; Lynne Johnson, UAS Development Director; and Jessy Post, UAS Alumni Relations Manager. Ms. Rydman introduces panelists: Laura Achee, Director of Communications & Administration for the Permanent Fund Corporation Pam Day, HR Consultant for the State’s Department of Administration; Julie Staveland, Planner, from the State’s Department of Transportation; and Peter Jones, Chief of Operations for NOAA.

  • Strategies for Career Advancement - Panelists provide personal advice on how they have advanced or changed their careers, what they would expect of their employees when evaluating promotions, and types of qualities employers seek in top candidates.   

  • Opportunities with Federal and State Government - Tips on how to navigate the different application processes of the federal government and State of Alaska, basic requirements, and what will make you stand out on an application or interview.

  • Master's Degree - Panelists discuss their career path before and after pursuing a master’s degree and how their degree has helped them stand out and succeed.

  • Conclusion - Panelists share final words of wisdom: no matter what path you choose, expand your networks, further your education, ask for feedback - even if you don’t land the job, and more.  

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