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Alaska Native Languages & Studies

The UAS Alaska Native Languages program examines three primary components of modern and historical Alaska Native life: language, art, and society. The work in Alaska Native languages focuses on language revitalization through learning, documentation, and community activities. The focus in art is Northwest Coast formline design, carving, weaving, textiles, and modern applications of these and other concepts. Society looks at all the things that make up Alaska Native cultures and organizations, from historical migration patterns to contact with other cultures, and from land claim agreements to modern day tribes, ANCSA corporations, consortia, and civil rights organizations. Our program seeks to examine a wide variety of modern and historical material from diverse perspectives, and to give everyone a better understanding of what it means to live in Alaska today with a greater consciousness of history, current events, and diverse ideologies. For students of Alaska Native ancestry, this is a way to connect with the heritage language of their ancestors. For the non-Native learner, it is a way to connect to the land and people of Southeast Alaska.

The student of Alaska Native Languages & Studies has a wide variety of post-degree options, including graduate work in indigenous studies and the research and teaching opportunities that follow. Otherwise, the student is better prepared to work with and for Alaska Native communities and organizations, which are a substantial part of our state economy, government, and landscape.

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Program Requirements

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