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Monday, April 9 | Cultures and Environment of Southeast Alaska

In the Classroom of Nature

3–4:30 p.m.

  • Casey Burkert & Makaila Olson, Outdoor Studies and Student Success
  • Sarah Thrower, Evaluation of Ocular Protrusions Observed in Stellar Sea Lions, Eumetopias jubatus, with Comparison to Other Pinnipeds
  • Alexis Ott, The History of Humpback Whales and How to Identify Them
  • Faculty Moderator: Kevin Maier, Associate Professor of English

We’ve Fed You All for a Thousand Years: A Discussion of Salmon, King of Fish

6–7:30 p.m.

  • Students from HUM 372 Salmon, Sport, and Society: Celia Bower, Triston Cheney, Cole Deal, Zach Johanson, Kristen Rees, Bre Walker, Nicholas Wicker
  • Faculty Moderator: Kevin Maier, Associate Professor of English

Tuesday, April 10 | Academics & Community Engagement

Visualizing Applied & Implied Mathematics

1–2:30 p.m.

  • Evan Carnahan, Modeling Glacier Runoff in a Changing Climate
  • Blake Fletcher, An Introduction to Eisenstein Triples
  • Austin Tagaban, The Basic Principles of Ethnomathematics
  • Faculty Moderator: Megan Buzby, Associate Professor of Mathematics

The Self-Examined Life: Reports from the Flying University on Studying Philosophy in Prison

Reflections from Inside and Outside Students in PHIL 201 at Lemon Creek Correctional Center

3–4:30 p.m.

  • Brittany Anelon, James Holzenberg, Rich Iannolino, Jennifer Gomez, Oscar Jones, Kelly Petty, Molly Prysunka, Cody Strahm
  • Flying University Intern: Blake Fletcher
  • Faculty Moderator: Sol Neely, Associate Professor of English

Wednesday, April 11 | Undergraduate Research

URECA Symposium: Recipient Presentations

2–5 p.m.

  • Faculty Moderator: Brian Buma, Assistant Professor of Forest Ecosystem Ecology
  • Coordinator: Kelly Jensen, Grant Proposal Coordinator, School of Arts and Sciences

Thursday, April 12 | Creative Activity

Creative Voices: From Page to Ear

English Thesis and advanced writing students read fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry

2:30–4:30 p.m.

  • Louisa Phillips, The Roads of Moriel (Fantasy Novel)
  • Brandon Wilks, From Trees to Trenches (Young Adult Novel)
  • Students from Tidal Echoes
  • Faculty Moderator: Nina Chordas, Associate Professor of English

Ongoing Exhibits


  • Mourant Display Case, Lakeside Cafe
  • Kelli Menze, Salmon Stories
  • Advanced Ceramics Students, Various Pieces
  • Month of April: UAS Student Art Show at the Juneau Art & Cultural Center
  • Faculty Mentor: Jeremy Kane, Associate Professor of Art

Poster Display

  • Glacier View Room
  • Kelsey Savikko, Hope for the Homeless
  • Faculty Mentor: Richard Simpson, Assistant Professor of English & Geograph

Associated Event: Alaska Native Studies Conference

Friday–Sunday, April 13–15

Free to Students & Elders — register online.

  • UAS Student Participants: Alison Marks (Tlingit), Anna Clock (Koykon Athabascan)
  • Gabrielle Kirchner (Tsimshian), Alexis Ott
  • Claire Helgeson (Sami), Austin Tagaban (Tlingit)
  • Faculty Mentors: X’unei Lance Twitchell, Assistant Professor of Alaska Native Languages, Ernestine Hayes, Associate Professor of English, Ishmael Hope, Term Assistant Professor of Alaska Native Studies, and Sol Neely, Associate Professor of English

Associated Event: Tidal Echoes UAS Literary & Arts Journal Launch Party

Friday, April 20, 7 p.m.

Egan Lecture Hall (Egan 112)

  • Student Editors and Interns: Elizabeth Rumfelt, India Busby, Hannah Near
  • Featured Writer: Vivian Faith Prescott, Featured Artist: Christofer Taylor
  • Faculty Mentor: Emily Wall, Associate Professor of English

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