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If you have questions regarding 110 portfolio writing expectations, the following information will help.  The essays included as examples may not be perfect writing samples. They were chosen because of their content, and because they were typical of the writing caliber expected of a passing English 110 portfolio.  The Sample Essay demonstrates proper formatting.  Please do not use other essays as a formatting guide.

Some of these selections are from the mid-term and some are from the final portfolio reading, which means that some may be more polished than others.  Although mid-term essays may be slightly shorter than the end-of-semester three page minimum, they should be developed and polished by the final portfolio review.  All essays should demonstrate strong content, organization, and sentence structure.

Typical 110 essay assignments include:

Many, many thanks to the talented 110 students who generously allowed their essays to be used as examples for upcoming 110 classes.


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