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lakeside study

Course Description

This Humanities capstone course is designed to help students synthesize the learning and skills acquired in their BLA program and prepare them for postgraduate life. Opportunities to reflect on educational choices and their consequences, to articulate significant ideas and experiences, and to discern remaining gaps will be facilitated by the use of common course texts and class discussions. Additionally, students will prepare a portfolio showcasing their skills as graduating seniors. They will also assist with the organization of the UAS Humanities Conference and will present their work to a public audience as part of the conference. Student work will be evaluated by instructor(s) and a team of external reviewers. Graded Pass/No Pass. Prerequisite: senior standing in the BA English or BLA Art, Communications, English, General Studies, or Human Communication. Instructor permission.


Instructor(s) will select a common course text with broad appeal that can provide students with a model of a well-written reflection and a point of reference and opportunity to compare their different educational perspectives and life choices, to reflect upon their diverse responses to the text, and to articulate future social responsibilities. A bibliography of possible common course texts is available but the selections will be left up to the instructor(s) discretion.Common UAS Humanities Conference readings (poetry, short stories, novella, etc) will also be assigned and will vary from year to year depending upon the conference theme.

Grade Based Upon

Students will fulfill all of the following requirements in order to receive a “pass” for the course:

  • Attend all class sessions and participate in all discussions of course text(s) and conference readings.
  • Write a response/reaction to each reading assignment.
  • Work collaboratively with other students on planning, organizing, and coordinating the UAS Humanities Conference (held in April). The focus of the conference will vary from year to year.
  • Present research or creative activity at the UAS Humanities Conference or other public event.
  • Prepare a portfolio that showcases their abilities as a BLA student in the Humanities. It will include: 1) a reflective cover letter, 2) a resume, 3) a statement of professional philosophy or objectives, 4) a substantial example of their best work (e.g., slides, a collection of poems, a novella, a seminar paper, a video tape of conference presentation, workshop facilitation, or theatrical performance, etc.). With permission of the instructor, students may also create an electronic portfolio. Whatever form this portfolio takes, this work should be a compilation and fine-tuning of efforts started and developed in previous classes and, ideally, not originate in this course.
  • Assist peers with portfolio preparation in role of peer reader and active listener.
  • Prepare and pass an external evaluation of their work. In order to pass this course, the Humanities Conference presentation, and the portfolio, the student must receive a “pass” evaluation from their instructors and from a panel of external reviewers. This panel will include two humanities faculty members and a member of the community. If the student does not pass this external review, they will be required to repeat the course.

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