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Writing and Oral Communication Assessment


Assessment at UAS is an effort by faculty to insure that all students have opportunities to hone their skills in the six competencies identified by faculty as being crucial to professional success. What are these competencies? They include oral and written communication skills, critical thinking skills, computer skills, information literacy, professional behavior, and quantitative analysis skills. Each department is currently working on assessment plans that best suit the needs of students working toward degrees in various departments. You should check with your advisor early in your program to learn what assessment plans are in place for your degree program. If you are planning to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in English or a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree, then read on!

The BLA Art, Language Arts and Communications, and Human Communications degree students are required to complete the senior-level Humanities Capstone Course. BA English degree seekers may choose the Humanities Capstone Course or the BLA Thesis.

For BLA degree seekers in the emphasis areas of art, language arts and communications, general studies, and math, English 311 is required.

Writing Assessment

(If you have questions or need assistance, contact Rod Landis, Co-Director of Composition and Assessment, at 228-4547,

Oral Communication Assessment

(If you have questions or need assistance, contact Jenifer Vernon, Assistant Professor of Communications, at 796-6422 or


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