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Course Description

Poster Design

This 10-week immersion in Cuba will provide students with a rare opportunity to explore this culturally unique country.  Focusing on language development, anthropology, recreation, and literary study, this interdisciplinary immersion program will ask students to think critically about their own culture, politics, and history.  After preparatory meetings in Juneau, students will travel with Professor Wakefield to Cuba.  The first three weeks of the course will focus on language development and getting comfortable negotiating daily life in Cuba.  The second three weeks will be dedicated to Ernest Hemingway with Professor Maier; Forest Wagner will then ask students to consider issues of place and ecotourism during his three weeks, and the final three weeks will be dedicated to an exploration of the culture from an anthropological perspective, facilitated by Professor Monteith.  Each instructor will be present in Cuba for 21 days, overlapping each other by a week to insure continuity.  10-weeks will not only allow students to develop a rich and deep understanding of Cuba, it will also enable students to enroll in the immersion program as a full-credit load for Spring Semester of 2012.


  • Dr. Kevin Maier, Assistant Professor of English (bio/contact)
  • Dr. Dan Monteith, Assistant Professor of Anthropology (bio/contact)
  • Claudia Wakefield, Assistant Professor of Spanish (bio/contact)
  • Forest Wagner, Director of Outdoor Studies (bio/contact)

Humanities Immersion
Soboleff Bldg 211
11120 Glacier Hwy
Juneau, AK
Mailstop: SOB1

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