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Photo by Chris MillerPre Trip

October 12: Student meeting to assess interest, Fireweed Room, 12-1pm, Enroll if interested up to 14, Buy Plane Tickets

Nov, Dec:  Four 3 hr class meetings in academic and logistical prep for course at UAS to contextualize trip with screenings of Argentine films and discussion, relevant readings and critical discussion, possible guest speaker on local tourism and Native culture, overview of safety and logistics, development of student research projects and assisting them in choosing a documentary medium for daily journal entries on trip. 


  • 12/20: Pre-Country Travel (Int. Air)
  • 12/21: Pre-Country Travel (Int Air)
  • 12/22: Day 1: Intro to BA, Plaza de Mayo
  • 12/23: Day 2: BA, MALBA; Fundacion Internacional Jorge Luis Borges
  • 12/24: Day 3: BA, Isla Martin Garcia
  • 12/25: Day 4: BA, El Otra Sur
  • 12/26: Day 5: BA Museo del Plata
  • 12/27: Day 6: Christmas.  BA, Café Tortoni, Teatro Colon, Galerias Pacifico
  • 12/28: Day 7: BA, TBA
  • 12/29: Day 9: Plane flight, BA to Bariloche
  • 12/30: Day 10: Bariloche, TBA
  • 12/31: Day 11: Bariloche, Lago Nahuel Huapi
  • 1/1: Day 12: Bariloche, TBA
  • 1/2: Day 13: Villa La Angostura, Parque Nacional Los Arrayanes
  • 1/3:Day 14: El Bolson, Feria Artesenal or Cerro Piltriquetron
  • 1/4: Day 15: El Bolson, Feria Artesenal or Cerro Piltriquetron, or Return to BA
  • 1/5: Day 16: Post Country Travel (Int. Air)
  • 1/6: Day 17: Post Country Travel (Int. Air)

Post Trip

Jan 2011: One 3-hour class at UAS to plan and develop student presentations of trip through video, still photography, audio, and/or creative or journalistic writing and present them to a public audience through an Evening at Egan, and/or an Internet forum.

Photo by Chris Miller


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