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How to Apply

All BLA students begin by completing a degree application through UAS Admissions:

Admission into the BLA Degree Program

Students may be admitted to the Liberal Arts major after accumulating 24 university credits at the 100-level or above, including ENG 111 Methods of Written Communication and MATH 107 College Algebra or STAT 107 Introduction to Statistics (or completion of MATH 105 Intermediate Algebra with co-enrollment in MATH 107 or STAT 107 upon admission). Transfer and returning students may have already completed these requirements.

The reasons for these admission requirements are two-fold. First, the best indicator of student success at university is a demonstrated track record of course completion, supported by the skills of written expression and analytical thinking.  Second, taking a variety of courses as a premajor provides students with a basis for selecting which academic disciplines they might pursue in their Liberal Arts Major.

Students who have questions about whether they are ready for admission to the Liberal Arts major should contact Arts & Sciences Advising Coordinators Laura Hosey or Heather Bennett at (907) 796-6201 or by email.

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