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Environmental Science and Geology

Friday, September 04, 2015

Weather Observer Positions in Juneau

Midwest Weather is looking to hire two part-time weather observers in Juneau. See attached for details. 

vacancy announcement (JNU PT)
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Eran Hood 02:07:52 PM
Friday, May 22, 2015

Ecologist position in Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay National Park is hiring an Ecologist 

Job Posting_Ecologist
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  to help with humpback monitoring and remote weather stations (see attached description).

Eran Hood 12:59:46 PM
Friday, May 22, 2015

Part Time Job Opportunity

Unibest labs is hiring a part-time Environmental Science technician in Juneau, see posting below:


Environmental R&D Technician


UNIBEST International LLC is actively seeking to hire a part-time employee located in Juneau, AK. Great for an active student or anyone looking to advance their career in environmental sciences.


UNIBEST, short for Universal Bioavailable Environmental/Soil Test, is a technology development company specializing in innovative agriculture and environmental sustainability monitoring systems (see more @ and UNIBEST uses patented ion-exchange resin systems to detect bio-available nutrient levels within agricultural soils and watersheds. Specifically the UNIBEST Ag ManagerTM product is used to measure and report bio-available nutrient levels within the soil profile. In turn we support agronomists and growers goals to support crop yield targets while providing sustainable solutions in support of the 4R’s for nutrient management.


In addition, our clients can access specialty resin blends with the technology to study other contaminants of interest, including collecting data for Natural Resource Damage Assessments including hypoxia and off-target movement of contaminants that may impact the health of watersheds. Our ion-exchange resin platform for watershed and contaminant testing e.g. UNIBEST Eco-TrackerTM acts as a continual data logger within the natural environment. These systems are analyzed by approved environmental laboratories for use by international as well as national partners and clients.




Work closely with direct supervisor on a variety of different tasks which include but are not limited to:


  • Develop grants, technical reports, and support our clients with the execution  of agriculture, turf, water, and other environmental research studies across the globe;
  • Support the development of marketing materials, handouts, as well as technical training materials;
  • Assist with data entry and interpretation for current projects;
  • Assist in research and development activities, including equipment and patent development efforts;
  • Support customer service activities and client relationships (UNIBEST products were sold to over 62 countries over the past 18 months);
  • Assist with the creation of work plans and budgets.


Increasing regulations of environmentally sensitive nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, require proper management within soil and water. UNIBEST is a rapidly expanding business working with partners and clients around the world to develop Best Management Practices. Applicant must possess strong desire to learn and expand their skills and have a passion for creating solutions to current world problems. This position is an excellent opportunity for a student to gain hands on experience with studies directed at sustainable solutions for agricultural and water/environmental science projects across the globe.


Minimum Qualifications:


  • Coursework in Biology, Chemistry, Ecology, Geology, or related sciences;
  • Strong writing and communication skills;
  • Excellent computer skills and knowledge of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Additional experience with CAD, Google Sketchup, GIS, or Adobe Creative Suite software is a plus;
  • Work independently with limited supervision and support team objectives, and
  • Possess valid Alaska driver’s license. Must be 18 or over.



UNIBEST laboratory is headquartered in Washington State, but has a small branch located in Juneau, AK.
Please submit cover letter and resume to this posting


Please submit cover letter and resume to


Anita Parrish 11:55:30 AM

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