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Multidisciplinary Lab HB 105

The lab is generally open during Mike's hours M-W, F 9 AM-2 PM and is staffed by TAs other times during the semester.

For a complete room schedule and open lab schedule of both Hendrickson Building (HB) 105 and HB 110 download the Excel file

MDL Manager:

Michael Hekkers
Phone: (907)-796-6523

The Multidisciplinary Lab is a classroom/computer lab used by students during the semester. The computers are equipped with the standard UAS software build, as well as more specialized, environmental science and geography oriented software such as: ArcGIS 10.1, Erdas IMAGINE 9.3, Matlab, Hoboware Pro, Pathfinder Office, Rockware, Vernier Logger Pro, Data Studio, Autocad 2010LT, Google Earth, and others.

We also have GPS units, dataloggers, gages, digital cameras, Mios, compasses, and various other items such as ice axes, crampons, and waders, available for checkout for use in student projects.

We also host a small sampling of the UAS mineral collection.


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