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Places to Eat

During meeting times, boxed lunches will be provided for most days. The University cafeteria will also be open for breakfasts. Here is a dining guide with maps put together by the City's Visitor Center.

Downtown is wide open for good places to eat. For those staying in University Housing, places to eat near campus (five minute walking distance from campus, all at location #30 on the Guide) include, in no particular order:

  • Rocky's Roost in the Squires Rest Bar - used to be the BooYah Grill, and listed so on the dining guide. Now serves pizza and sandwiches. (Next to the UAS Bookstore)
  • Chan's Thai Kitchen for great Thai food - allow time here, every order is made from scratch. (Below Squires Rest)
  • Southeast Waffle Company for great waffles, and more. (Just past Chan's Thai Kitchen)
  • The Hot Bite for excellent burgers. (At Auke Bay Harbor).
  • DeHart's a gas station/convenience store with a deli - great Jo-Jo's, hot wings, and other miscellaneous finger food. (Entrance of Auke Bay Harbor)

In "The Valley" (at most a mile from campus), among many, three notable spots include:

  • The Sand Bar and Grill for those who might wish to have some pretty darned good "Fish and Chips" - halibut and salmon. There is a little sitting area for families behind the bar. (Just off Glacier Highway by the Brotherhood Bridge over the Mendenhall River, and next to Don Abel's Hardware store)
  • The Heritage Coffee Company and Cafe for those who enjoy a good coffee and/or "wraps". (Location #26 on the Guide, A.K.A. Thunder Mountain Cafe by old timers)
  • Asiana Gardens for a variety of Far Eastern cuisine. (Right next to the Heritage Cafe).

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