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Panel Discussion

Panel discussions at mathematics meetings provide a setting in which experts in a given area of concern can share their knowledge, experiences and expertise with interested educational professionals at the university, college, high school, and middle school levels.

In keeping with the spirit of outreach by the mathematics community, the panel discussion at this meeting will address an issue that has been under considerable discussion in recent years and which addresses pre-college students who intend on continuing on to college.

The Transition from High School to College

Organizer: Jill Dumesnil, University of Alaska Southeast

Panel Members: To be announced

Brief Description: It is understood that the levels of awareness vary for what constitutes appropriate mathematical preparation for college bound high school graduates. This panel discussion is intended to address this issue. Among others, topics discussed will explore answers to questions such as: What is the best way to prepare high school students for college level mathematics? Can middle school teachers help the cause? Should high school students enroll in mathematics courses taught at colleges/universities? Do dual credit mathematics courses taught at colleges/universities benefit students who enroll in them? Should dual credit courses be taught at high schools? Do AP courses serve college bound students well? etc.

All who are interested in this subject are invited. Moreover, all who have any of the above questions, or others, or believe they have answers to any of these questions through experience and/or research are encouraged to participate in this discussion.


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