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Play annotation Speakers are Kaaxwaan Éesh George Davis, Kaachkoo.aakw Helen Sarabia, (left) and Naakil.aan Mark Hans Chester (right). Recorded June, 2009 at Egan Library, University of Alaska Southeast, in Juneau, Alaska. Produced at the University of Alaska Southeast, this material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0853788. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.
Recorded by Alice Taff. Tlingit transcription by Naakil.aan Mark Hans Chester. English translation by Shakwshaaní Margaret Dutson and Alice Taff. Proofread by X̱ʼaaki Sháawu Keri Edwards and Kaachkoo.aakw Helen Sarabia. Brackets = {false start}, (added for clarity), [translator/transcriber's note]. ??? = canʼt understand.
Play annotation Yaa kanajúx áwé.
The camera is rolling.
Play annotation Daa sá yisi.ée nisdaat?
What did you cook last night?
Play annotation Hél daa sá.
Play annotation Eesháan!
Poor thing!
Play annotation Tlél gé eex̱áa? [probably meant: tlél gé at yix̱á?]
Didnʼt you eat?
Play annotation A káx̱ x̱at x̱'akawdudligéiḵ ách áwé.
I was forbidden to eat, thatʼs why.
Play annotation Aáa. Wé doctor-ch.
Yes. By the doctor.
Play annotation Mmm.
Play annotation Wa.é ḵu.aa?
What about you?
Play annotation Daa sáwé yisi.ée nisdaat?
What did you cook last night?
Play annotation Nisdaat.
Last night.
Play annotation Éis'k'.
Play annotation Laaḵ'ásk tsú
Seaweed too
Play annotation aan.
with it.
Play annotation Éis'k'.
Play annotation Ḵa
Play annotation I een
With you
Play annotation sakwnéin.
Play annotation K'idéin áwé wutoox̱áa. [Probably meant: K'idéin áwé at wutuwax̱áa.]
We ate well.
Play annotation Yak'éi x̱aawé.
Thatʼs good.
Play annotation Ax̱ tuwáa sigóo x̱wasa.eeyí wé ts'ootaat gaawú atx̱aayí.
I like to cook breakfast.
Play annotation Ch'as McDonald's-déi wutuwaḵúx̱.
We just went to McDonald's.
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