Play annotation Speaker is G̱unaakʼw Fred White. Recorded October, 2008 in Yakutat, AK. Produced at the University of Alaska Southeast, this material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation/National Endowment for the Humanities, Documenting Endangered Languages initiative under Grant No. 0853788. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.
Recorded by Ḵaa Saayi Tláa Amanda Bremner. Tlingit transcription by Ḵaa Saayi Tláa Amanda Bremner. English translation by Ḵaa Saayi Tláa Amanda Bremner and G̱unaakʼw Fred White. Proofread by Ḵaa Saayi Tláa Amanda Bremner and Xwaayeenáḵ Richard Dauenhauer. SYMBOLS: {false start}, (added for clarity), [translator/transcriber's note]. ??? = canʼt understand.
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Play annotation ...duwasáakw Lingít x̱ʼéináx̱.
...called in the Tlingit language.
Play annotation Iʼm called G̱unáak'w in Tlingit. My name is Fred White.
Play annotation Áyá yeedát ax̱ tuwáa sigóo a daat
Now I'd like
Play annotation yóo x̱'ax̱wataaní yá x̱wsiteeni át.
to talk about the thing I saw.
Play annotation Yáa déex̱ táakw shuwuxeex dei
It has been two years now [referring to events in 2006]
Play annotation yá Yaakwdáatx'
in Yakutat
Play annotation ḵunáx̱ ḵuyawut'aayí.
the weather was really hot (heat wave).
Play annotation Yóo Sitáḵ ḵa Aan Tleinx'
Out at Situk and Aan Tlein
Play annotation áyá ax̱aG̱eiwú nooch.
I usually set net fish.
Play annotation At gadax̱it
During the breeding
Play annotation dísi kát áwé
month, [June]
Play annotation kootl'éet'aa haax̱ kalyeech.
the small white seagulls migrate here. [Arctic terns]
Play annotation Yóo naaliyéidáx̱ yaa,
From far away,
Play annotation Lingít aaní teeyídáx̱ áwé haax̱ kalyeech.
from across the world, they migrate here.
Play annotation Dleit ḵáa x'éináx̱
In English
Play annotation Antarctica yóo duwasáakw.
it's called Antarctica.
Play annotation Áwé has x̱wasiteen
I saw them
Play annotation ḵutaan kaanáx̱
all summer
Play annotation ḵuyaawat'áa.
when the weather was hot.
Play annotation Áwé kootl'éit'aa k'wádi G̱áa wutuwa.áat
We went after seagull eggs
Play annotation Sitáḵdei Aan Tleinx' tlákw áx̱ too.aat
to Situk at Aan Tlein, we always go there
Play annotation ??? nuch.
??? always.
Play annotation Áwé wáa sá yóo
Now how
Play annotation wéi kootl'éit'aa has awsikóo
did the seagulls know
Play annotation ḵuyakḵwat'aayí?
that it was going to be hot?
Play annotation Tle yóo naakéex' áwé has awdlik'wát' wéi chookán x̱oox'.
They nested further up the river among the beach grass.
Play annotation Ts'ootaatx' áwé yaklahéen nuch.
In the mornings all the dew would drip down.
Play annotation Á áwé átx̱ has awliyéx̱ wé
They used it, the
Play annotation chookán daatx̱ wé héen
water off the beach grass
Play annotation wé s du k'wádi hél ḵukG̱washtóok.
to keep their eggs from exploding.
Play annotation Ax̱ léelk'wch áwé ax̱ een kaawanéek
My grandfather told me
Play annotation wé ḵutaanx',
that during the summer,
Play annotation ch'a yakwdáx̱ séew daak wustaaní,
when we have a sudden downpour of rain,
Play annotation kéidladi k'wádi kakG̱washtóok yís,
the seagull eggs will burst, [If not for the rain, the eggs will burst fromt he heat.]
Play annotation kanG̱ashtóogu
for it to burst,
Play annotation yís áwé daak ustaanch.
for that reason, it rains.
Play annotation Ách áwé yax̱waatín wé aadéi yaa at naneen yé.
That's why I recognized what was happening.
Play annotation Wáa sá s awsikóo wé kootl'éet'aa
How did the seagulls know
Play annotation ḵuyakG̱wat'aayí wé ḵutaan kaanáx̱?
that it was going to be a hot summer?
Play annotation Á áwé has du, uh, kúdi naakéex' yéi s awsinee
So they made their nests further up the river
Play annotation wéi chookán x̱oox'.
among the beach grass.
Play annotation X̱áawé yáa dís yádi,
During the month of September,
Play annotation yaawax̱eeyí áwé,
at that time,
Play annotation cháas' atoosG̱eiwú yóo naakéex'.
we were fishing humpback salmon upriver.
Play annotation Áwé wtusiteen wé atgutóodáx̱ daak uwagút xóots du yádi teen.
We saw a brown bear come out of the woods with two small cubs.
Play annotation Dei, dís yádi áwé September yát áwé,
Now, it's September,
Play annotation ch'u yéi has kudzigéink' wé {a yá-} wé xóots yádi.
those brown bear cubs were still pretty small.
Play annotation At gadax̱it dísi kát ḵugasteech át áwé.
They're usually born in the month of June.
Play annotation Dei ch'a yeis,
Now still,
Play annotation dei,
Play annotation {nás'k táakw} nás'k dís áwé shuwaxeex.
three months had already gone by (since they should have born).
Play annotation AaG̱áa hél ḵugasteech yé.
They weren't born yet at that time.
Play annotation Á áwé ch'u yéi s kudzigei.
So they were just that small.
Play annotation Áwé tsú haa yáa ḵut woonei ch'a yeisú s ḵoowdziteeyi át wé dei,
This amazed us too, things were still being born,
Play annotation dís yádi dleit ḵáa x̱'éináx̱ September yóo duwasáakw.
during the month that's called September in English.
Play annotation AaG̱áa áwé daak uwa.át wéi xóots du yádi teen.
And then that brown bear and her cubs came out.
Play annotation Ḵa wé, uh, shákw G̱aa áyá tsú wtuwaḵoox̱ yá ḵutaan.
And we went (by boat) to get strawberries too that summer.
Play annotation Dei, um, sháax' k'eiyí dísi kát áwé, August.
It was in the month of August.
Play annotation Wutusiteen G̱uwakaan.
We saw a deer.
Play annotation Wé ax̱ keidlí áwé kát wujik'én wé a yádi.
My dog jumped on its fawn.
Play annotation Áwé át x̱wajixíx wé a yádi ḵu.aa áwéi ch'a yeisú ḵoowdzitee yáx̱ áwéi duwatéen.
I ran to it and it looked like the fawn had just been born.
Play annotation Wé dleit yáx̱ kayateeyi át áwé du daaG̱áa wootee ch'a yeisú ḵoowdzitee.
It had white spots all over it like it was just born.
Play annotation Ch'a August ḵu.aa áyá.
This was the month of August.
Play annotation Hás tsú June yát áwé has ḵustee nuch.
They too are usually born in June.
Play annotation Yéi áwé at wutusiteen yáa,
This is what we saw
Play annotation yáa táakw yáa,
this year [summer of 2006]
Play annotation haa kutí teen aadéi yaa at nanein yé,
with our weather, the way things were happening,
Play annotation yáa haa aaní kát wu.aadí yá atgutu.ádi.
with the things on our land, these animals.
Play annotation Yéi áwé sh kakḵwalneek.
That is my story.
Play annotation Gunalchéesh.
Thank you.
Play annotation Gunalchéesh.
Thank you.
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