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Course Credit

Cuba's Language, Literature, and Culture:  Intensive Immersion program (15 credits)

Course Descriptions

Spanish 331 Language and Culture of the Spanish Speaking World (3 credits (2+2))

Claudia Wakefield
Course Description: An intensive immersion program designed to introduce the student to the language and culture of countries in the Spanish speaking world. Course includes four meetings prior to departure to discuss culture, linguistics, and group dynamics while traveling for one month in the focus country. Two post-travel meetings for debriefing and synthesis. Requires two papers and a final project involving community education.

Prerequisite: Upper Division standing At least 4 credits of language study pre-departure, or instructor permission.

English 418 Advanced Themes in Literature: Hemingway in Cuba (3 credits)

Kevin Maier
Course Description: Although he never renounced his American citizenship, Ernest Hemingway in fact spent the last 20 years of his life in Cuba.  He wrote some of his most famous books there (most notably Old Man and the Sea); he set big-game fishing world records on his beloved boat Pilar; he started an annual fishing contest (now in its 60th installment), awarding Fidel Castro the first grand prize in person; he hosted movie stars and famous authors at his lavish home near Havana; he accepted the Nobel Prize for Literature as a Cuban Sato—or a "garden variety" Cuban.  In short, it is impossible to understand Hemingway without attending to his relationship to Cuba. After reading Hemingway's novels, stories, and essays set-in Cuba, and after studying the biography of his years spent there, using both conventional published biographies as well as his massive correspondence, students will spend three weeks exploring Hemingway's Cuba. We will critically examine the cottage industry of Hemingway tourism in Cuba, asking how the author's famous image has shaped ideas of the nation.  With ample time to explore all his haunts—so lovingly captured in Hemingway's letters enticing friends to come visit him, as well as his prose fiction—students will arrive at a deep understanding of the author's world and work.

Humanities 393 Special Topics: Cuba: A Sense of Place (3 credits)

Forest Wagner
Course Descipton: Through a Humanities immersion course in Cuba, students will gain insight into the cosmopolitan culture of Havana and the rural culture of surrounding provinces. Students will participate, observe, and respond to performance events in public spaces, expressive arts, and cultural and ecological tourism. Ecotourism activities will be compared with regional ecotourism in Southeast Alaska. Commonalities between Juneau as a tourist destination, city, and ecologically rich region and sites in Cuba will come to the fore, salient differences will emerge, and UAS student participants will better understand their place in an increasingly globalized world.

Anthropology 493 Special Topics: Contemporary Cultures of Cuba (3 credits)

Daniel Monteith
Course Description: Students will observe and study the contemporary cultures of Cuba.  Major historical sites of interest will be visited.  Site visits will be complemented with museum visits, discussions, and readings about the history and culture of Cuba.  Students will travel and observe the contemporary economics, politics, and social dynamics of Cuba.

Humanities 393: Cuban Language, Literature, and Culture (4 credits)

Dr. Kevin Maier, Dr. Dan Montieth, Professor Claudia Wakefield, Forest Wagner
Course Description: This preparatory course will meet for three weeks before the trip to introduce students to the idea of international travel—and of travel to Cuba in particular. Readings will include selections from tourism studies, Cuban history, political examinations of Cuban/American relations, and broad introductions to Cuban culture.  Additionally, we will set-up group decision-making process for travel logistics, establish travel ground rules, work together to establish consensus about travel style, and hone research skills necessary for international travel.


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