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Environmental Science and Geology

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

position in W AK, 2 ecosystem field courses

Summer field tech for NSF project in W AK
I am looking to hire a Res Tech for the period 1 April to 1 September to work on our NSF YK delta goose herbivory project.
They need to be pretty field savvy and a bit tough as there is a big early season camp put in via snow machines and hauling gear from Chevak to our field site, 20 miles west.
~$18 per hour for 172 hours per month for 5 months: almost $16k plus the project provides all the food for the summer.

The start date is 1 April, so it is likely the candidate might not be a student, the start date is pretty fixed.
Jeffrey M Welker
       Ecosystem Field Studies (EFS) is pleased to announce summer sessions of our 2 field course opportunities: Caribbean Ecosystem Field Studies & Colorado Ecosystem Field Studies.  These courses (ENST 391) are approved for 3 undergraduate semester credits through the Environmental Studies Program of the University of Montana at Missoula and are open to undergraduate students in an ecosystem related department/major such as yours.
      In these courses, students learn basic concepts in ecosystem science and engage with a wide variety of hands-on field research methods while conducting an original field research project.  New this year are extended credit options of a post-course Independent Research project or Internship at our course partner location.  These extended opportunities will greatly enhance the overall educational strength of the program.
      I am kindly requesting the attached pdf announcement be distributed via email and/or posted in your department. I have also attached a text announcement below if attachments are problematic. I sincerely appreciate your assistance in distributing this course announcement.  There is no set deadline as we accept qualified students on a rolling basis until the course fills.
      I have sent this message to you based on information posted on your school/department website. You should be the only person from your department receiving this message and therefore if I have reached the incorrect person I kindly ask you forward this message to the appropriate contact (or send me the correct email to update this list).
      If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding these courses please feel free to contact me at  A full syllabus is available at the course website:  Should you choose to unsubscribe from future course announcements just reply with” unsubscribe” in the message body, and if possible, the reason why you wish to unsubscribe.
     Thanks for making this rewarding field opportunity available to your students.
     Regards, Steve

Steve Johnson
Director, Ecosystem Field Studies    303 859-0173 

2015 EFS summer field course announcement
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Michael Hekkers 02:29:49 PM
Friday, January 16, 2015

2 Positions- MGVC, Midwest Weather

Summer Seasonal Park Ranger, Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center

The GS-0025-05 summer seasonal Park Ranger position at Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center is now open for application though USA Jobs ( ). The application period ends Tuesday, January 20, 2015.
The announcement number is: 15-TEMP-R10-025-5PKR-DT-RK


Contract Weather Observers- Juneau

The announcement number is: 15-TEMP-R10-025-5PKR-DT-RK
Midwest Weather, Inc. has an FAA contract to provide weather observations in Juneau, AK.  We are anticipating hiring one or two part-time weather observers within the next two months.  


midwest weather 2015
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Michael Hekkers 10:57:22 AM
Monday, January 12, 2015

Space still available in Mendenhall Research Exp., Lab TA positions, Fish and Game Internship

There is still space available for this new course for Spring 2015 - ENVS/GEOG 293 ST Mendenhall Research Experience. This 2 credit Tuesday morning 8:15-11:15 course will take an in-depth look at all things Mendenhall.  From the wetlands to the river to the lake to the glacier, we'll go in the field collect data and review the latest science.  See attached flyer for more information or contact me Mike.


ENVS-GEOG S293 Mendenhall Research Experience
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We're seeking 2 Lab TAs to host hours in the Multi-disciplinary Lab, aka HB105, so students have room and computer access to work on homework and projects. Duties include helping print posters and keeping Mike and the helpdesk informed of any computer connectivity issues.  Also TAs will check out various equipment.


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ADF&G seeks an a motivated student for their Division of Wildlife Conservation and Education and Outreach College Intern position.  The position closes 1/25.  see attached 

ADFG Conservation Educ Internship 2015
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Michael Hekkers 11:26:19 AM

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