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1. How do I find my books?

Once you have registered for your classes, bring a copy of your schedule to the Bookstore. Books are categorized by their Department name and number. For instance, the book for your beginning English composition class will be listed under "English 101." Since different instructors teach different sections of the same class and often require different books, be extra careful that you have selected the correct section number for your class (i.e. J02). Check your class schedule to be sure.

2. I can't find my book, what do I do?

The first thing you should do is ask one of our friendly bookstore staff for assistance. Sometimes you may just be looking in the wrong section. There may not be a text required for your class. Or, if you can't find your book, you may be enrolled in a distance web or audio class. You will have to order the books yourself through MBS.Make sure you give yourself plenty of lead time for the books to ship, it usually takes about two weeks to ship to Alaska.

3. Can I return a book?

You may return books with a receipt during a limited timeframe from when your class starts.

4. Will you buy my book?

We may buy your book during our scheduled buy back times. These are currently held twice a year.

UAS Bookstore Buy Back

Book Buy Back is held during finals week of Fall and Spring semesters.No receipt is required to sell back books during Buy Back. Bring your books to the bookstore during posted buy back hours.

We do not accept telephone inquiries regarding books bought or prices paid.

When you bring your books to the bookstore, we will check to see if your book is among those being bought back. If your book is not bought back, it may be because the instructor hasn't turned in an order for it, sufficient stock remains or a new edition is forthcoming. Damaged books, consumable pieces, lab books, workbooks. study guides, calculators and heavily highlighted or written in books will not be bought back.

The bookstore can pay up to 50% of the purchase price. However, the buyback price depends on the condition andageof theedition and it mustbe adopted for use in the following term.Older editons no longer have a 50% buyback, as competition from Amazon is driving down pricing. Current edition books not used in the following term may be bought back by a used book company at a lesser rate.

Since many titles have limited demand and will only be purchased in limited quantities, we suggest that you sell your books back as soon as possible.

5. What do you sell?

We sell textbooks, general books, clothing, gifts, candy, stamps, art supplies, notebooks, calculators, backpacks and more! Please come visit us and browse our store. The last day the store will be open is December 19th, 2014.

6. How do I get directions to the Bookstore?

We are at 11798 Glacier Hwy (Just north of DeHarts). The last day the store will be open is December 19th, 2014.

7. Is my refund check ready?

Refund checks are no longer available from the bookstore. You will have to contact Student Accounts at (907) 796-6267 for information on your refund check.

Our Staff

Debbie Muller

Coordinator, Bookstore

Phone: 796-6003



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