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Self Service Promotion

UAS is a key community venue for lectures, seminars, multi-media presentations, films and the arts. In addition, UAS faculty, staff and students are often the focus of important events off-campus. Whether your event is on or off campus, the first step to promoting an event is the UAS Website calendar. That’s where you come in.  If you are organizing an event, it is your responsibility to get your event on the UAS web calendar and local media calendars.

Here are some links:  

UAS Website Event Submission

If you are a UAS department, faculty or staff member you can submit your events to the UAS Campus Calendar via an authorized user. For student activities, this will be the Student Activities office. For campus events, refer your request to your respective campus's marketing person. If you have any questions, please contact the UAS Web team.

Non-UAS Users Calendar Event Submission

Refer to the Organizing Your Event page which contains information on event facilities reservation and how to submit information about events. As part of the reservation process the room scheduler will enter in the event on the campus calendar.

PSA forms for radio

Emails/links for Newspaper Event Listings

TV and Digital Display

You can also promote your event with a power point slide on UATV or on the digital display boards at Spike's Cafe, Lakeside Grill, and Egan Library.

Juneau Campus Posting Policy

The Housing Office is the designated campus office to approve posting of any flyers in and around campus and academic buildings at the University of Alaska Southeast. Flyers are promotional tools used to advertise events, groups, opportunities, services, etc. For information on rules, posting locations and FAQ's please view the UAS Juneau Campus Posting Policy.

Juneau Arts and Humanities

Juneau Arts and Humanities Council offers information and services for promoting your event in Juneau. Check for these links and files on their homepage:

  • Poster Service and Poster Route: For a fee, the JAHC poster service can hang your posters for you throughout Juneau, including UAS campus.
  • Do-it-yourself option: a list of their postering route is available.
  • How to Promote your Event: a concise list of local public relations contacts.
  • Information for Agents: useful information for bringing speakers/performers to town.
  • To add your event to the Juneau Arts and Humanities calendar which also feeds the K3 Public Radio Stations, send a message to
    Subject: Name of event
    Message Body: Day, Date and Time, Sponsor, Location, Cost & Contact information.

Print Services

The UAS Public and Media Relations Office in Juneau offers free consultation and design services for UAS faculty and students. We can help develop the scope of your project, create a production timeline, get vendor quote(s), design the piece, supply the files to the printer, and coordinate the printing*. Call 796-6530 to meet with us about your project.

Projects commonly produced by our office:

  • Brochures
  • Invitations
  • Posters
  • Postcards
  • Newspaper and magazine display ads
  • Online advertising

*If your project is to be printed, that is considered an extra expense, and should be a part of your project budget. The Public and Media Relations Office does not have mass-printing capability. Individual schools may have their own in-house printing options.

Media Services has a color printer for use by departments for a fee. The cost per print is: $0.25 per “page” (1 page = 1, single-sided letter page. E.g. One double-sided Tabloid paper will cost $1.00), either color or black & white (these costs also apply to copying in color or black & white). For complete details and to to learn more about the printing policy and get helpful tips please speak with Media Services.

Students enrolled at the University of Alaska Southeast can bring in their project and print a hundred free sharp color prints per semester using the  MX-2300 sharp color printer from the Media Service department.

Departments may also opt for printing at local printing vendors.


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