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It's on the Web:
UAS Websites for Faculty & Staff

Learn about what is happening on campus, organize and advertise an event, promote a program or course or tell the world why you love UAS.

Individual School and Department Web Sites

Every school and department at UAS has assigned Website contributors—a staff member trained in CMS who is responsible for updating the Web pages for their area. Content you wish to be posted on the Website should be provided directly to your Website coordinator. Ask your administrative support personnel in your department for more information.


The main faculty and student course information Website. Course homesites, ePortfolios, training videos, and more. New features, including a personal virtual work space, have been added for 2010-2011. Visit UASOnline!

UA Online

Statewide source for Student Services (including admissions, registration, financial aid) and Employee Services (including benefits, tax forms, paystubs, and time off).

UAS Campus Event Calendars

What’s happening at UAS (varies by campus). Note: the Academic Calendar is a separate preset calendar limited to dates related to the academic year. To submit an event to the campus calendar (feeds multiple calendars on the Website, RSS feeds, and social networks), ask your administrative support personnel in your department for more information. Scheduling a room? To avoid possible schedule conflicts, submission to the events calendar is required.

RSS Feeds

Receive UAS information using an RSS reader on your cell or smart phone, digital device, or computer. Subscribe to current RSS feeds on the social networks page.

Social Networks

UAS has groups on a wide array of social networks. A current list is available at the social networks page. A particully popular friend on Facebook is Spike Whale Southeast. UAS Events, News Releases, Event Calendar information and more are automatically posted to this Facebook group.

How To Organize Your Event

Step-by-step directions and resources for reserving a room, announcing your event, arranging your media needs and arranging for catering.


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