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New Purchasing and Credit Card Procedures

A new VISA card with our Costco membership number embedded is available for checkout at the supervisor podium in the "Blue Book" at the end of the merchandise checkout lanes. The card will no longer be held at campus departments or checked out from Student Accounts or the Business Office.

Old Costco cards and Banner blanket purchase order BJ17001 are CLOSED.

  1. Before you go to Costco, issue a call number in Banner against new blanket purchase order BJ17005.
  2. At the Costco entrance indicate you are buying for UAS or if you have one, show a personal membership card.
  3. At the checkout register:
    1. Present personal identification to be checked against list of authorized buyers.
    2. Verify that purchases are for UAS (not personal).
    3. Verify that purchases are tax exempt as UA is a State entity.
    4. Ask for credit/membership card from the "Blue Book" at the supervisor podium.
  4. Turn sales receipt with copy of your call number into Accounts Payable for payment processing to CITI-Costco.

In the next few months, this CITI-Costco VISA purchasing solution may be replaced by rebranding our existing ProCards as VISA cards through our JPMORGAN Chase corporate card system.


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