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The University Travel office is responsible for timely auditing and processing of the University travel expenses incurred by employees and authorized individuals.  Close cooperation between University of Alaska schools and departments is essential to ensure the University’s compliance with Board of Regents policies, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Regulations and State law.  The Travel office is also responsible for communicating travel rules and regulations to University schools and departments.

Additionally, the University Travel office is charged with administering the UA Travel Card Program for the Juneau, Sitka and Ketchikan campus.  The University has two Travel Card programs.  The Departmental Card is used for purchasing tickets only (i.e., airfare, ferry).  The Individual Card is for the traveler to use to pay their expenses while in Travel Status. You can find the forms for both of the travel card programs under Travel Forms.

Travel Forms

Travel Links

Risk Management Related to Travel

Renting a Vehicle?

As a political sub-division of the State of Alaska, the University may purchase from the Statewide Vehicle Rentals contract.  This contract provides unlimited mileage/use vehicle rentals statewide with minimum locations in the Juneau, Fairbanks, and Anchorage areas on an as-needed basis.  Vehicles are intended for pickup, use, and return to the original pickup point. Learn more.


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