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Academic Advising at Career Ed. 

At UAS Career Education we want to make sure that you succeed in your classes, your degree program, and learning the trades and skills that you need for Alaska's workforce. Whether you are learning new skills or improving your existing ability level, we provide quality learning opportunities in a supportive environment. With that learning experience, comes the support that you need.

Academic advising services at the School of Career Education are provided by a combination of faculty and professional staff advisors. Staff advisors are skilled at teaching students how to use academic planning tools, understand university policies, and being a student's sounding board. Faculty advisors are experts in course content, upcoming courses, research and internship opportunities, and preparation for careers and graduate school.  

An advisor will provide you with information and assistance regarding your academic progress, choosing or changing courses, majors and minors, meeting requirements for graduation, as well as questions related to college in general.

In your first year of classes at UAS, you are required to meet with an advisor before you can register for classes to make sure you are on point and on the right path for success. To find the correct advisor in your program, follow the "Find Your Advisor Tool" link below. Before you do that, please check out the other information tabs above on this page to get more details on being a student at UAS and to answer questions that you might have. 

Who is my advisor?

Please visit our Find Your Advisor tool to help you determine your academic advisor.

Registration & Degree Works


Once you login to UAOnline, you will be able to search the course schedule, choose the classes you want to take and register for them. Be sure to check-in with an advisor each semester as they are available to assist you with course selection for your degree program. 

View a quick guide for online registration
View a how-to video for online registration (6min:14sec)

Degree Works

Degree Works is a great UAOnline tool for monitoring the progress you are making towards completing your degree.  Degree Works allows you to:

  • Monitor a list of what you need to graduate
  • Try a “what if” scenario to consider your progress toward other degrees
  • Run an unofficial degree audit
  • Maintain a checklist of your accomplishments

How to access Degree Works:

  1. Go to the UAOnline website
  2. Log In with your UA credentials 
  3. Click on “Student Services and Account Information”
  4. Click on Degree Works and Electronic Degree Audit
  5. Click on UAS Degree Works
  6. Click on “Click to Redirect to Degree Works”

Be sure to check-in with an advisor each semester as they are available to assist you with meeting your educational goals.

View a how-to video for Degree Works (4min:37sec)

Academic Standings

Good Standing
A student is in good academic standing when they have a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or higher and a recent semester grade point of average of 2.00 or higher. First-semester students are presumed to be in academic good standing during their initial semester unless the student has been admitted on probationary status.
Academic Warning
Any time a student’s semester GPA drops below a 2.00.
Academic Probation
A student’s cumulative and/or semester GPA drop below 2.00. A student can only be removed from probation status by raising their cumulative GPA to a 2.00 within one semester after being placed on probation.
Academic Program Removal
Any student who remains on academic probation for two consecutive semesters of attendance will be removed from their degree program. An application free for readmission will not be required. If a student’s cumulative GPA is less than a 2.00, they earn a semester GPA above a 2.00, the university will recognize the student’s attempt to reach academic good standing and the student will continue on probation until both the semester and cumulative GPAs are above a 2.00.
The University of Alaska Fairbanks has several helpful GPA calculators.

Questions about academic standing? Contact the Registrar's Office at 907-796-6100

Six Year Course Sequence

The six year course sequence is an important planning tool as not all courses are offered every semester or sometimes even every year. Students are encouraged to utilize the six year course sequence for planning purposes, but it is equally important to check in with your assigned advisor. Your advisor can also help you understand how to utilize this tool. 

The following videos are collection of tutorials designed to assist students with academic advising and the class registration process.


Presentation thumbnail image

Monday, March 21

Search For Courses at UAS

Denise Carl

How to search for academic courses at the University of Alaska Southeast including courses that satisfy General Education Requirements (GERs).

Presentation thumbnail image

Tuesday, March 15

Degree Works

Denise Carl

Degree Works is an electronic degree audit, your road map to the courses you need to complete to earn your degree.

Presentation thumbnail image

Friday, June 3

Schedule Planner

Denise Carl

An academic advising tutorial on how to use schedule planner in UAOnline. Schedule planner is tool that will help you plan your class schedule at the University of Alaska Southeast.

Presentation thumbnail image

Tuesday, March 15

UAS Campus Directory

Denise Carl

How to find faculty and staff contact information at the University of Alaska Southeast.

Academic and Personal Support Referrals

Academic Support Resources

Are you finding yourself struggling in the classroom? Not doing as well as you would like? There are many resources available to you that can help you reach your goals.

Specialized Support Referrals

Personal and family concerns can affect your ability to be successful in the classroom. There are many resources available to help you be effective personally and academically. 


There is a lot to learn about being a college student. We've put together some guides to help make it a bit easier.

Apply for Admission to UASif not a student already, you need to apply before signing up for classes. 

After you Apply - Next Steps: an enrollment guide to help you get to the next steps as a UAS student.

First Year Student Checklist: a month by month guide of academic tools and resources to utilize in your first year and beyond.

How much will it cost?: use this cost calculator to estimate your cost of attending UAS for one full academic year.

Navigating College

Academic Support

Major and Career Exploration

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find more information on how to register for classes? 

Your Faculty Advisor - if you are having problems registering talk with your advisor to discuss your questions. Stop by your advisor's office hours or send them a quick email.

The School of Career Education Advising Office - Students who are experiencing problems can stop by School of Career Education advising office at the Juneau Downtown Campus, Technical Education Center, 1415 Harbor Way. 

Quick Guides on Registration - view this step by step guide or watch this how-to video 

UAOnline - University of Alaska's electronic platform for searching for course offerings and adding and dropping classes

UAS Schedule - University of Alaska Southeast course offerings

Course Catalog - the catalog contains information regarding all academic requirements and course descriptions.  Usually, students are responsible for following the degree requirements of the catalog covering the year they first enrolled at UAS or the year that they changed their major. To determine what catalog year to follow, review the catalog year listed on Degree Works

What is Degree Works? 

Degree Works is a great tool for monitoring the progress you are making towards completing your degree.

  • Monitor a list of what you need to graduate
  • Try a "what if" scenario to consider your progress towards other degrees
  • Identify who your advisor is
  • Run an unofficial degree audit
  • Maintain a checklist of your accomplishments

How to access Degree Works:

  1. Go to the  UAOnline website
  2. Log In with your UA credentials 
  3. Click on "Student Services and Account Information"
  4. Click on Degree Works and Electronic Degree Audit
  5. Click on UAS Degree Works
  6. Click on "Click to Redirect to Degree Works"

View a how-to video for Degree Works

UAS Academic Calendar - use the academic calendar to check important advising and registration dates as well as important add/drop/withdrawal dates. 

How will my credits transfer to UAS? 

Check out the Transfer Credit Resource Site - This site is designed to provide you with the ability to query our database of courses that have been evaluated in the past from other regionally accredited universities, colleges and some non-traditional sources across the United States and Canada. All evaluations of courses for transfer credit are subject to current policies and procedures that are in effect at the time the official evaluation is completed. 

Additional information about transfer credit policies can found on the Registrar's transfer credits website

How do I change my major? 

To add or remove a major, degree, concentration, or minor complete the Change of Major form. 

What is a Short Course

Short courses have pro-rated drop/withdraw dates that differ from full-term classes. A course drop includes a refund, a course withdraw does not. Some classes at Career Education are short courses and proper planning should be made to take this into account. Please take into account course start and stop dates when registering.  

Available short courses, by term:

Short courses drop/withdraw dates are listed by campus on each semester's short course listing page.

Juneau Downtown Campus
Technical Education Center 
1415 Harbor Way
Juneau, AK
Mailstop: TEC1

Sitka Campus
Sitka Campus 
1332 Seward Ave
Sitka, AK

Ketchikan Campus
Ziegler Bldg 
2600 Seventh Ave.
Ketchikan, AK

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