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This program is no longer accepting new applications. For questions about this program, please contact the School of Career Education (phone: 907-796-6120).

Automotive Technology Certificate

The Automotive Technology Certificate program is designed to prepare individuals to secure entry level employment in positions requiring basic technical skills. Successful completion can lead to employment in automobile dealerships, fleet service operations, national chain automotive service stores, or franchise and independent repair shops. Students expecting to gain employment in this industry will need a valid driver’s license with a good driving record, and a personal tool box meeting industry standards (contact department for details).

Certificates are programs of study designed to prepare students to secure entry-level employment in their chosen field.

Typically a certificate is 30 credits (one year).

Automotive Technology Certificate

Degree Requirements (2015-2016 Catalog)

Minimum Credit Hours33
General Requirements10
Program Requirements23

General Requirements

Written Communication Skills

ENGLS111Methods of Written Communication3

Oral Communication Skills

Select one from the following (3 credits):

COMMS111Fundamentals of Oral Communications*3
COMMS235Small Group Communication & Team Building*3
COMMS237Interpersonal Communication*3
COMMS241Public Speaking*3
* Grade of C (2.00) or better

Computational Skills

MATHS105Intermediate Algebra (or higher)4

Program Requirements

AUTOS102Introduction to Automotive Technology3
AUTOS121Auto Electrical I3
AUTOS122Engine Performance I3
AUTOS131Auto Electrical II3
AUTOS152Brake Systems4
AUTOS160Manual Drive Train and Axles3
AUTOS162Suspension and Alignment4

Automotive Technology
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