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Dichotomous Key Module

There are three parts to the materials for this module. All will open in a new window for ease in printing.

Click here to access the dichotomous key. Print off a copy for each student. Students will go through the dichotomous key, choosing the best option from each pair of descriptor statements. Eventually, the student will have identified the fish correctly, if the path they follow throught the key is correct. If correct answer is not acheived, have student go back to beginning or to last pair (s)he felt was right.

The fish photos have been saved as pdf files. Print out at least one for each student. Students who work fast will need to do more than one. Fish to choose from for this lesson are (click on name to access file):


Alaska Skate

Spiny dogfish

starry flounder

Pacific Halibut

Giant wrymouth

Padded sculpin

Quillback rockfish

Black rockfish

Yellow-eye rockfish

Pacific Pomphret

Salmon Snailfish

Pacific Spiny lumpsucker

Pacific herring

Pacific Tomcod

Ling cod

Kelp Greenling

Atka Mackerel


Pink Salmon

King salmon

Coho Salmon


If you need a graphic to illustrate the basic parts of a fish, one is available here.

Can't remeber what fish is which after you print them out? Here is a Key to the fish available for this lesson.

Contact the Fisheries Technology Program for assistance with these materials.

If you would like to schedule a class visit from one of the Fisheries Technology staff, please contact us.


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