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Conclusion and Extensions

Congratulations! You and your team have completed the Freshwater Fish Health Webquest!

After all that work, you should be able to answer these questions now:

  • What factors do freshwater fish need in order to live and thrive?
  • How does human interaction with the environment affect these factors and so the survival of fish?
  • How do humans and watersheds interact and what can we do to protect watersheds?

Now that you’ve learned about watersheds, see how you do at the Watershed Game at the following website:

Getting Involved

During your research, you had the opportunity to learn that there's a lot you can do to protect the environment. This is true not only that for the environment used by freshwater fish but also all of the earth, used by all organisms. Here are some ideas:

  • Join in a creek or coastal cleanup effort
  • Talk with your parents about what your family can do to reduce watershed pollution — don’t use chemical fertilizers, don’t dump toxics down the storm drain, bike to school or work, recycle, etc.
  • Organize a school cleanup day (pick up litter around the campus), plant a class garden, create informational posters about watershed protection, and so on.

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