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Introduction to Freshwater Fish WebQuest

Here in Alaska we enjoy a strong and diverse fish population. We have many types of fish that support both commercial and recreational fisheries. Many people take these resources for granted and do not question why they are available, what requirements the fish populations depend on and what changing factors may upset the balance needed for healthy fish stocks.

In order to understand the importance of healthy freshwater systems, you will explore the freshwater portion of the salmon life cycle in addition to the needs of residential freshwater fish like trout and sculpin. Part of your research will be online and part will be conducted at a stream in your area. By the time you are done with this WebQuest you will have gained an understanding of good fish habitat, how the freshwater cycle in your area affects fish and how changes to that system could affect the fish how live and spawn there.



Before you start, please go to the Teachers Page for links to pre-unit evaluations that need to be done.


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