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Task Four: Creating your masterpiece

Now is your chance to show off how much you learned about freshwater streams and how important they are to the fish that live and reproduce in them. By now you have had a chance to do research online to learn about the parts of a stream, what a healthy stream looks like, why fish need healthy streams as well as how fish help the stream and the area nearby. You have also learned some of the tests and observations that scientists use to measure stream health. Then you got to go out and use these methods of gathering data to check out a stream near your school to see if it is healty or not.

It would be a good idea to make sure you have a clear idea of what your task is. Go to the Task page to see the questions you need to answer, as well as the task you are completing.

Now you need to put all that information together into one of three presentation formats. Review the options available to you on the Evaluation page.

Finally, present it to your class and impress your teacher and classmates!


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