University of Alaska Southeast

Course Description

Why Knot? Knot Tying Seminar

GroupRecreational Series
Code and NumberVTEC - 032
DescriptionTaught by internationally recognized Sailmaker and Historian Louie Bartos, this seminar will cover the 10 knots/bends/hitches most useful to sailors of all types.  Some of these knots will be familiar, but others, such as the constrictor knot, are improvements to commonly used knots.  this class is useful for the beginner and for advanced knot tyers who want to brush up on their skills.  Louie is a perfectionist and you can be sure that when the class is over you will be tying knots more beautifully than you ever thought possible!


LocationUAS Ktn Tech Center, 600 Stedman Street, Room H-101
InstructorLouie Bartos
DatesLook for a class in March or April 2016.
Days and TimesTues & Wed 6:30 - 8:00 pm