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Alaska Tech Prep is a dual-enrollment program that links secondary and postsecondary career and technical education programs into an integrated program between postsecondary (UAS) and secondary institutions. This program enables students to get college credit for courses they take in high school, transition smoothly to postsecondary education, avoid duplication of coursework between levels, and successfully attain postsecondary credentials. In Alaska, Tech Prep falls under the State of Alaska CTE Plan. The Alaska CTE Plan was a joint effort of the Alaska Department of Education & Early Development, Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development, and University of Alaska (UA).  It was finalized in August 2010 and endorsed by the Alaska Workforce Investment Board (AWIB), State Board of Education and Early Development, and the University of Alaska Board of Regents.  The plan was based on two other state plans, the Alaska Education Plan and the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act Training Strategic Plan.  It reflects the priorities of the stakeholders that came together to write the plan, including educators, parents, and business, as well as commitment from the three partner agencies. Ths plan can be downloaded and viewed from the AWIB CTE Plan Website at: Likewise, the Alaska Department of Education & Early Development (DEED) identifies Perkins priorities for Alaska state funding and reports all Perkins Activities for Alaska. Their website can be viewed at:

At UAS, Tech Prep is unique from other dual-credit programs because the local high school teacher serves as the UAS adjunct for the course. Using a curriculum that reflects both UAS and school district required content, students are able to take the courses from their high school teacher for dual-credit. However, since the school district pays the teacher instead of UAS, the cost for the UAS credit is reduced to $25 per credit hour to cover university administrative costs. This saves the students considerable cost considering that UAS tuition in 2013 exceeded $160/credit hour. Tech Prep students taking a 3 credit Tech Prep course in 2013 paid only $75 for a course that would cost more than $450 if the student took the same course directly from UAS.

Tech Prep in Alaska is extremely important. In research conducted by Columbia University's Community College Research Center (, Tech Prep and other Dual Credit programs are regarded as essential parts of modern education and the blending of secondary and postsecondary education to develop students into career and college ready citizens. The importance for Alaska was recently presented to Alaska educators and can be viewed here: Presentation on Dual Credit Importance in Alaska

Tech Prep in Alaska has developed gradually due to the vast geographic separation of schools. But through the work of the recently formed Alaska Tech Prep Consortium, the best Tech Prep practices in Alaska are being identified and more student opportunities are being developed. 


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