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UAS Tech Prep Policies and Procedures

UAS Tech Prep Conflict of Interest Policy

  1. To best comply with Alaska state law, accreditation expectations, University of Alaska Policy P04.10.030 – Conflict of Interest and policy and P04.10.040 – Nepotism, no instructor is allowed to supervise or issue a grade to any “immediate family member” (parent, sibling, aunt, uncle, grandfather, grandmother, or first cousin) as defined in Alaska Statute 39.52.960(11). By law, this explicitly includes:
    1. the spouse of the person;
    2. another person cohabiting with the person in a conjugal relationship that is not a legal marriage;
    3. a child, including a stepchild and an adoptive child, of the person;
    4. a parent, sibling, grandparent, aunt, or uncle of the person; and
    5. a parent or sibling of the person’s spouse, nor the legal guardian.
  2. When a situation arises where the teacher is the only possible instructor of record possible to teach an immediate family member, it is the responsibility of the instructor and the parent/legal guardian (or the student his/herself, if 18 years of age or older) to notify the UAS Registrar of the exact relationship by conspicuously and plainly noting the relationship on the appropriate registration form for the course.
    1. Simply noting “the instructor is the student’s immediate relationship” will suffice as adequate disclosure as long as it is conspicuously written on the registration form.
    2. Alternatively, an email to the UAS Registrar from the instructor is allowable as notice and must include: The student name, the CRN number for the course, the name of the course, the course section number, the name of the instructor, and the relationship.
    3. Upon receipt of the disclosure, the UAS Registrar or his/her designee will then work with the College Dean of the course to establish an appropriate method of ensuring academic rigor.
    4. The UAS Registrar or his/her designee will issue a conditional waiver to the school district with conditions under which the student will be allowed UAS credit.
    5. The school district will notify the parent (or student, if 18 years or older) and instructor of the conditional waiver and its terms.
    6. The school district will work with the instructor to fulfill all obligations and conditions established in the written waiver.
    7. Failure by the school district and/or instructor to satisfy all conditions and obligations of the waiver will disqualify the student from UAS credit.
    8. The waiver can take the form of an official letter, email, or other written documentation from the UAS Registrar or his/her designee. The student may attend classes until the waiver is granted, but may not receive credit until the waiver is granted and fulfilled to the satisfaction of UAS.
    9. It is the responsibility of the student (if 18 years or older), parent or guardian, and instructor to ensure that all conditions are met.
    10. If the conditions are not satisfactorily met by all parties, UAS is under no obligation to award credit, the student will be awarded a NB grade, and no refunds will be issued to any party.

Tech Prep Instructor Approval Process

All instructors must be approved by UAS for students to receive UAS credit. UAS approval is not necessary for high school credit since this is regulated by the secondary school for whom you are employed. To become an approved instructor, you need to do the following:


  1. Complete the UAS Instructor Approval Cover Sheet
  2. Attach Proposed Syllabus (Here is a Tech-Prep Syllabus Template in Word format you can use)
  3. Attach Current Resume or CV
  4. Attach Copies of Transcripts (UAS Reserves the right to request official transcripts at any time, but only PDF copies of official transcripts are needed in this process at this time)
  5. Email cover sheet and all required attachments to the UAS Tech Prep Coordinator (

DOWNLOAD THE UAS INSTRUCTOR APPROVAL COVER SHEET (PDF Version) - Preferred Version!  Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader




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