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Don't Cancel Class

Missing classes can sometimes be unavoidable during the school year. Before you decide to cancel class, consider another rewarding option for your students. Career Services offers a “Don‟t Cancel Class” program that can present on a variety of career related topics. Most workshops are adjustable between 50 minutes up to an hour & a half. These topics are delivered in a fun interactive format that balances between lecture, group discussions, activities, & self-reflection. Career Services will meet with your class during its regular class time, take attendance, present on a topic of your choice, and provide students with an evaluation of the workshop. Afterwards, we will provide the professor with a list of who attended class, along with a copy of the evaluation.

  • Effective cover letters and resumes
  • Interviewing strategies
  • Networking and LinkedIn
  • How to market your liberal studies degree
  • From major to career
  • Resources for finding your career direction
  • Internships - what they are and how to get one
  • Job search strategies

Career Services Overview

What exactly is Career Services?  We'll show you in about 15 minutes! We can augment your class with an overview of how Career Services can help your students connect what they're learning in class with potential internships or jobs.

** Contact Deborah Rydman at 907-796-6368 or to schedule a "Don't Cancel Class" or "Career Services Overview" presentation.**

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